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What is Nonprofit Marketing?

Nonprofit marketing is a business activity which helps attract volunteers, raise funds & create awareness about social issues. Nonprofit marketing is done for causes for improving the society & environment, and not for generating any revenues or profits. This activity is largely used by Governments, NGOs, environmental groups, social activists etc.

Objectives of Nonprofit Marketing

The basic aim of nonprofit marketing activities is so help work towards a particular social goal. Some of the main objectives are:

1. Create awareness

2. Drive social impact

3. Ensure political change

4. Raise donations

5. Seek volunteers

6. Get private partnerships

7. Brand building

These activities have to be driven with a limited budget, and focuses on bringing a positive change in the society & not making profits.

Nonprofit Marketing

Nonprofit Marketing Channels

Since there is a constraint on budget for any nonprofit promotion activity, some of key marketing channels used are:

1. Events & social gatherings

2. Street shows by volunteers

3. Newsletters

4. Blogs & social media

5. Rural camps

6. Case studies

7. Tie-up with corporate enterprises

8. Newspaper & public relations.

Challenges in Nonprofit Marketing

There are many hurdles which a nonprofit company has to face as compared to any regular business. Some of the key challenges are:

1. Limited budget for marketing.

2. Retention of volunteers & donors is a challenge.

3. NGOs can use only cheaper communication channels.

4. Content quality is limited as skilled professionals are employed with private firms.

5. Lack of tools for measuring effectiveness of nonprofit marketing.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Nonprofit Marketing along with its overview.

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