Marketing Promotion

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Definition: Marketing Promotion

Marketing promotion includes a variety of communication activities to educate customers, increase awareness, increase demand, build brand value and recognition and provide differentiation.

Aim of promotion is:

• To introduce a new product

• To educate customers about the product usage

• To increase awareness of the product

• To differentiate from competitors

• To achieve increase in product recall

• To build brand value and image

• To encourage people to buy in bulk especially in off season to level the demand

• To encourage people to try their product over their existing products

Promotion is one of the P’s of marketing mix. Promotional activities works in tandem with other three P’s which are: Pricing decisions, Product and Place (Distribution strategies).


There are five promotional sub categories:


• Personal Selling :

It is a promotional activity wherein an individual in involved in interacting with customers/ clients in order to achieve sales

Example: Salesman

• Advertising:

Advertisements are a form of communication such as commercials on TV, ads on internet, hoardings, print medium like newspapers, magazines, fliers etc which is intended to influence the public viewing it and which is paid for

• Sales Promotion:

It can be of two types- Trade or Consumer

Example is coupon or price discounts which stimulates sales

• Direct Marketing :

Directly selling to customers without any retailer in between They have a call to action.

Example is selling through newspaper advertising, magazines, mailers, fliers, catalogues, targeted TV commercials etc

• Public Relations (PR):

PR is managing information flow between an organization and public. It is aimed at maintaining a particular image in the minds of customers, investors and other stakeholders.

Example: Sponsoring events etc

Marketing promotion can be any combination of the above five sub categories.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Marketing Promotion along with its overview.

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