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Marketing Programs

This article covers meaning & overview of Marketing Programs from marketing perspective

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What is Marketing Programs?

Marketing Program is the plan with respect to the various marketing activities taken by a company to increase sales. A marketing program is a coordinated and well-designed set of activities to achieve marketing objectives.

Marketing objectives are strategic sales goals that fit the products’ strengths and are based on various characteristics of the product. One may follow different marketing programs according to the situation. In order to build strong customer relationships and maximize sales, the organizations follow different marketing, sales and loyalty programs.

Marketing is a broad field, encompassing elements as diverse as advertising, brand and logo design, sales calls, Web sites, brochures, packaging, shows, conferences and other events, and so on. The more tools, the better. But the variety and complexity of choices makes getting organized and focused hard. The 4Ps- product, place, price and promotion can be used to develop these marketing programs.

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