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Human Resources section covers the wide spectrum of management of workforce, interpersonal relations in the corporate world by having articles on different concepts. Apart from these institutions and systems working for empowerment of the people also falls under this category.

Turning Unfulfilled Expectations into Motivation 11 February 2018

“I’m not in this world to live up to your expectations and you’re not in this world to live up to mine.”

― Bruce Lee

A normal human phenomenon, “Expectations”. Even if one doesn’t want to, one still ends up expecting things. An expectation of happy ending in a movie, an expectation of high grades in exams, an expectation of getting married to a smart guy or a beautiful girl, an expectation of a good government, and the list goes on. But do all our expectations turn into a reality? Well, we all have our own share of experiences with our expectations. And most of the time, the expectations remain so. Expectations can motivate and give a sense of satisfaction to the individual when they are met. However, unfulfilled expectations lead to disappointment, demoralization, anger and what not.


Human Evolution Transforming HR in the Future 06 January 2018

“HR will die by 2020”. Mr. Vineet Nayar, the former CEO of HCL Technologies

Technology will overcome Human Resources. Wrong.

He further explained this will only happen if HR works at the same pace as it works today. HR needs to adapt to the change. It needs to buck up in the technology race.

This article mentions the different areas of HR which undergoing change and how are employees coping with it. Big data and digital disruptions will, no doubt, benefit HR. CHROs need to spearhead this change with talent analytics. Soon, bots will overtake the administrative HR function. HR will need to be customized according to employees. HR managers will need to make decisions wisely. HR needs to utilize big data and analytics. The current trends are helping HR department to increase its value and accuracy. It is bringing a positive change in the people. Analytics helps managers deal will past data and predict the future needs of employees. Using analytics, HR is able to predict employee attrition, improve compensation and increase engagement.


Boardroom Battles in Indian Companies 18 December 2017

The recent tough boardroom battle at the helm of Tata’s and Infosys adds to the list of yet another Boardroom fights in Indian corporates. Boardroom spats is nothing new and have been impacting corporate governance since decades. However, much of attention is received off late due to penetration of media at lowest level. Perhaps, most common reasons for boardroom spat is the difference in the views of founder and management of the company. Too much interference of the founders hinders the growth of a professionally run company.


Exploring Research Methodologies Positivism and Interpretivism 26 November 2017

Human beings rely on the results or the outcomes of any research being undertaken for understanding various phenomenas, to take various decisions or to gather new information or new knowledge as these researches might lead to the generation of new discoveries. The human history has seen the discoveries and there have been results given by various researchers that have led to the betterment of the social status of human beings and various businesses of life on this planet.


Video Conferencing- Bridging the Gap between Employees 03 September 2017

Companies have a well defined structure when it comes to expanding businesses. Companies recruit employees across different roles and geographies to deal with work spread across many places. Bigger companies have their work spread across cities and even bigger multinational companies have their business operations spread across many countries across the world. All these employees work together in ensuring that they achieve the goals set by the company. However, sometimes teams across different domains or same departments need to sit together to decide on strategies, new initiatives, learn new things etc. Hence, teams meet whenever possible. However, in many cases it becomes tedious or expensive for employees to travel as it includes airfare, hotel accommodation, miscellaneous expenses etc. In order to overcome these costs and ensure that employees have a meeting discussion as required, companies these days opt for video conferencing.


15+ HR Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers & Experienced Professionals 26 June 2017

Interview is the most important stage of selection for any candidate applying for a job. The interviewer is always prepared with a set of interview questions and the interviewee has to tackle them with efficient answers. The interview is a platform where company officials identify the potential employees by asking them questions relevant to the job as well as the history of the person, for which they expect the candidate to be well prepared with the answers. A lot of job interview questions and answers are generic which talk about the person, his/her education, prior work experience etc. However, once the introduction about the candidate is over, the interview questions and answers become more technical i.e. more relevant to the job, skill set required etc. These job interview questions and answers are useful for students, experienced professionals, freshers etc. This article answers the 15+ basic and most common questions asked during any job or general interview across the world. 


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