Opportunity in Adversity

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on March 01, 2011

The greatest Success stories were created by the people who recognized a Problem and then turned it into an Opportunity"!

Every individual has a dream of being successful. Every person has certain ambitions which they set their eyes onto. They work day and night with the ultimate aim of reaching their objective. They make sure they don’t leave any stone unturned and give in their maximum effort because after all, it’s their own dream. Be it entrepreneurs, sportsmen, politicians or any other professional, every opportunity is grabbed by all to take a step towards their success. But sometimes, unknowingly a person by sheer hard work and dedication manages to create an opportunity out of nothing at all.



Opportunity in Adversity

People always want to lead a successful life and wish to have their desires fulfilled. Hard work, luck, efficiency and dedication ensure almost everyone takes a step in the right direction. But unforeseen circumstances, personal tragedies or even simple bad luck can abruptly end a person's glorious journey. For people in their comfort zone, it becomes a mental hurdle which they succeed to overcome and the pressure of failure further hurts them. While most of the people are setback, a few who despite all odds set against them, jump in the world of problems and eventually find out a way to even solve them.


Problem can always arise in the form of financial upsets, personal tragedies or even being cheated. And when all of a sudden a person faces an adversity, the first reaction is to take evasive action, and by doing so they create more problems. People should instill self belief and self confidence in their own abilities by self assessment. They must realize that no matter how bad a problem is, their knowledge, skills, education and experience would always be theirs. They just need to motivate and push themselves beyond their limits to convert this challenge into an opportunity.


There are a few people, who have looked beyond pain, fear and defeat, and have used their downfall as a source of motivation to perform better and create their problem to an opportunity. A few examples are quoted below.


Ratan Tata faced a few crises in his career which were major setbacks in his glorious journey. Tata Nano manufacturing plant, a dream venture was a failure at the last moment, as permission of being setup in Singur, Bengal was denied. But rather than losing hope, Ratan Tata fought his way through adversity and set up the plant in Gujarat. Another incident was the terror strike at Taj hotel in Mumbai, which not only caused financial problems but was also an emotional trauma. But despite all odds, within one year, the prestigious hotel again became the heart of Mumbai.


Henry Ford, failed and went broke five times but his persistence lead to the foundation of automobile giants Ford. Bill Gates was troubled and was a drop out of Harvard, but his skills, self belief and knowledge enabled him to create a global empire of Microsoft. Walt Disney too was fired from his job as he lacked innovation and creativity, but he turned this into an opportunity and created the magic of Disney. Iconic Indian film star Amitabh Bachchan also faced a disastrous phase in his career but took the opportunity with a never say die attitude to triumph against the odds.


One more example that stands out is Steve Jobs. He founded Apple but he was thrown out of his own Apple when some other firm acquired it. But then we all know Steve’s Apple had to bring him back.


Facing problems is a part of every person’s life. People should also accept failure as it helps them being firmly placed on the ground. Problems should not be a graveyard of ambitions but it should be an opportunity to battle it out against the odds and .

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