Mismanagement in Management

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The art of management is to manage, control, coordinate and make the optimal utilization of resources with maximum efficiency. It is a process by which individuals must form groups and work as combined units in achieving their common goals. However, in many cases the irony is that in most places, those who preach management themselves do not practice it. One of the most important factors for efficient management is having a person who has good leadership qualities.


In most institutions leaders are created by virtue of their position and rank. However, the most effective and followed managers are those who have a charismatic and magnetic personality and those who lead by example. Sometimes organizations hire managers who are unable to take responsibility which causes unfavorable results. Another example is of professors teaching management subjects in business schools. If the teacher is knowledgeable and has the quality of retaining the attention of students, then forced attendance of the students in classrooms, which is a case in most institutions, is avoided. Another area of management which is being misused and misinterpreted is ethics. The main example is the Indian political system and the Indian bureaucracy, which is suppose to lead the nation by its administration leadership, is unfortunately corrupt and performs unethical duties. Since the leaders are unwilling to take responsibility and go for short cuts in finding solutions, it leads to failure of the organizational machinery. Similarly, in many major marketing companies too, the senior management preaches bribery and unethical ways in order to get clients and business. In educational institutions, there is lack of transparency between the management and the students, which often leads to conflicts and problems. Similarly, lack of transparency also causes problems between trade unions, factory workers and senior management, which is a case of ineffective management on the part of the senior hierarchy.


An example of management sometimes being cynical is the quote below-

"Organizations cut trees, make paper and print on it 'SAVE  TREES'"!

Therefore, in many places there exists a problem where management is unable to practice the morals and methods which they teach. This may lead to gains for a shorter period, but in the long run it may prove disastrous. Thus, in order to be successful, senior management in any institution must be clean and transparent by avoiding mismanagement, and most importantly, practice what they preach.


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