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Absconding Employees - An HR’s Nuisance

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Employees are the most fundamental mainstay of any organization. All the work is at the end of the day carried out by humans. All the aspects of management, be it marketing, production, financial analysis, training, servicing etc are all carried out by people. Thus, making employees an integral part of the management system. But there is a serious issue which organizations face when they have to deal with human issues in the form of absconding employees.

One of the most difficult times, which HR’s have to face in a company is when they have to search and look out for employees who run away without informing the management. Absconding employees is a phenomenon which is always present in a company. There are many reasons which force employees to simply escape without informing the company. The most important reason why employee’s run away is when they feel the job they are working in isn’t doing justice to their skills and abilities. Also, underpaid employees feel betrayed and feel a lack of workplace flexibility lets them being bogged down. Also, employees often start applying for newer jobs when they feel dissatisfied with their present job.

Absconding employees causes a lot of problems with the employee management especially for the HR’s. Companies spend a lot of money in nurturing their employees and ensuring that their workforce gain the correct skills, and temperament to work in together in achieving the goals of the company. Training, incentives, employee benefits, refresher courses etc are some of the things which companies keep on spending in making sure they create a work force suited for their environment. But if suddenly employees disappear without informing the management, it creates a vacuum in the teamwork and causes organizational disturbances.

However, this problem of individuals leaving without informing is not limited to employees who are with the organization. Even the candidates, who are applying for the job or have been appointed, don’t turn up at the office at the office without informing anyone. A lot of individuals disappear at the last moment when they have an interview call. Because they feel that they applied hastily for the job and that the job profile doesn’t suit their skills. Hence they prefer not to attend the, thus causing a schedule mismanagement for the HR’s.

More troublesome that the applicants are the individuals who go through the entire process of selection, get appointed and don’t turn on the first day of the job. Not only does that waste the time of the HR managers in conducting an entire interview process, but at the end of the day they end up having no employee to fill the vacancy.

HR managers have a tedious profession of handling the human resources, who are the ultimate force behind any organization. Motivation, training, personal support etc are some of the responsibilities which the HR manager has to perform. But one of the most unforeseen circumstances which every HR manager has to face is that of having absconding employees.

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