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In recent years the HR has come up with new policies and strategies to retain its “human capital”. Various HR departments of organizations are implementing new strategies to explore the opportunities and methodologies to ensure that their employees are given the best. The sole idea of HR departments today is “employee satisfaction” and each organization is working towards fulfillment of this objective. Competitiveness is a key factor, which pushes the HR to think “out of the box”.

The HR’s contribution to competitive advantage has yielded various innovative measures and one such output is the concept of “Human Resources Helpdesk Services”. It is relatively a new concept wherein the employees of an organization can avail HR related helpdesk services 24/7. It primarily focuses on more effective Turn Around Time (TAT) for any activity thereby ensuring “employee efficacy”.

Functionalities of the HR Helpdesk:

  • Information Dissemination
  • Grievance Redressal
  • 24/7 Module[Phone based, direct interaction and web-based] for quick TAT.
  • Intermediary between employees and the Line managers.
  • Good source of data for management to study and analyze the request and resolution time.
  • Internal Communication.

Information Dissemination: Information dissemination is systematic process of selecting, storing, organizing, packaging and communicating information needed by an employee in a manner that improves employee performance and corporate competitiveness. It is an integral function of the HR helpdesk. It includes a hub of activities under it. Queries mentioned hereunder relate to the information dissemination. The list is indicative and not exhaustive.

  • Policies & Rules of the Organization.
  • Training Information.
  • Information about PMS procedures.
  • Information about internal job postings.
  • Educational opportunities for Children.
  • Loan facilities for education and vehicle.
  • Vendor related information.
  • Industrial Relations.
  • Termination of employment.
  • Equality and cultural diversity related issues.

The major functionality of HR Helpdesk is information dissemination as it is primarily instituted to help the employees with all kinds of organizational information. It becomes a common point of reference and source wherein the employees can approach to gather information on various requirements. A proper delivery of requisitions addressed to employees ensures “employee satisfaction”. It entails a list of activities and since the employee is briefed on all policies, rules and procedure during the induction program it is most likely that the employee tends to forget all the deliverables. Thus the “HR Helpdesk” helps the employee with all sorts of informational queries. For example a company may have tied up with a vendor for providing concierge helpdesk services to its employees but the employee has just been introduced the name and elementary information. The employee can always fall back upon the “HR Helpdesk” to help them retrieve the detailed information.

Grievance Redressal: The HR Helpdesk also serves as an escalation medium and feedback given by employees. This functionality of HR Helpdesk is of paramount importance as it is equally important to know the grievances that the employees share. The HR of an organization conceptualizes and implements new enablers and deliverables but how far it effectively enhances employee well-being is of utmost important. Grievance redressal helps the HR to analyze the problems faced by their employees and they can likewise make improvements for the same.

  • Sanctioning of leave applications.
  • Sexual harassment issues.
  • PMS ratings.
  • Concerns with respect to rewards and incentives.
  • Intimation of unfair practices.
  • Facilities & Administration related grievances.
  • Working hours and remuneration related issues.
  • Whistle-Blowing.

24/7 Module [Phone based, direct interaction and intranet-based] for quick TAT: The HR Helpdesk functions on a 24/7 module and caters to a round the clock activity. It can be delivered via phone, direct interaction with the employee or intranet based. The three-way communication ensures that employees have a mode of communication to choose from. There are instances in a company when the employee needs a particular service but the HR executive is not at his seat although a mail has been send to him for that particular request. If we have a HR helpdesk in place it will ensure that the traceability of the request and provide an end-end request. It can be made time bound to ensure proper deliverance of service quality and adherence of time norms and constraints. The HR Helpdesk serves as the most unique solution to the employee’s queries and complaints.

Intermediary between employees and the Line managers: The HR helpdesk serves as the link in the value chain between the employee and the line management. It helps the line managers in prioritizing the requests as well as having time-based requisitions before them. It helps the HR line manager in effectively and efficiently handling the requisitions or complaints. In the absence of an HR Helpdesk the work of the employee gets affected. The burden of onus of getting the service request and complaint now lies with the HR helpdesk. It helps the otherwise burdened line managers and it also ensures the implementation of “standard operating procedures”.

Good source of data for management to study and analyze the request and resolution time: The HR helpdesk is akin to a lot of requests and complaints and the data gathered for the same can help the management of an organization to understand the request and resolution time. “Employee satisfaction” is the key HR initiative in most organizations and if the HR helpdesk is proficient in catering to an easy and quick solution then it helps in fulfilling this objective. In the absence of the HR helpdesk the employees find it difficult to bring it to the notice of the management the delay and dereliction in the duty of the HR line managers. Thus it is pretty evident that the HR Helpdesk certainly helps the management to analyze the delay in registering a request or complaint and devise an action plan for the same.

Internal Communication: Employees can be a company’s “best ambassadors or loudest critics” – depending on the context of the information they receive and how fast they receive it. HR Helpdesk bridges the gap between the employer and employees. It also helps in creating a better work place where all the employees are properly informed. The HR Helpdesk ensures that the employees are devoid of any apprehensions while registering a request or complaint. There are so many issues where otherwise in the organization an employee may shy away from bringing it to the notice of the management but with the induction of the HR Helpdesk it makes it a very open way of communication with the management bereft of any anxieties. It also serves the employees of the organization a formal copy of the suggestions and complaints, which can be produced on demand as and when required.

THE NEED FOR HR HELPDESK (In employees perspective)

It is primarily based on the following parameters (HR’s perspective to inculcate an HR Helpdesk):

  • Employees have a customized service in their office premises: The HR guarantees that they give the best to their employees. By introducing the HR Helpdesk services their employees can actually get convenience at their workplace thus ensuring that the employee’s life is easier and cozier.
  • Employees give their 100%: By availing the HR Helpdesk services the HR ensures that the employee’s daily woes and worries are well taken care of and leaves practically nothing for the employee’s to be tensed about. The end results are that the employees give the organization 100%.
  • It reduces disparity amongst employees: the HR feels that the introduction of these services ensures that the employees are loyal towards the company and the convenience meted out through these services in turn reduces disparity amongst employees.

Today organizations are trying to out-do one another in all aspects and since human resources forms the backbone of any organization, it is important that every effort is made to gain competitive advantage over one another. The HR nurtures the relationship between the employer and the employees and it ensures that it reaches out to each and every employee of the organization. The HR think tank has become quite innovative in recent years as it values the importance of the employees and goes all out in ensuring that a formidable bond is maintained throughout. The HR helpdesk is a good initiative on this front.

The HR is aware of the fact that the employee’s sole reason for working in a particular organization is not constrained to monetary satisfaction alone but curtails various other factors. The HR of today is researching these parameters and has come up with innovative ideas to ensure that the ‘emotional bond’ is strengthened between the employees and the organization. The HR understands the importance of ‘value-added services’ in the form of HR Helpdesk and the prospect that if the employees are contended with their work environment then only will they stay with the organization.

This article has been authored by Kaushalendra S. Jangbahadur & Shalini Dubey from XIMB.

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