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Negative leadership- Eroding the team

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Leaders are always required to guide and show the correct way to the people. People always look up to an icon or a public figure, and aspire to follow their footsteps in attaining certain goals. Everyone knows what it takes to be good leader. Good leadership qualities are when a person leads by example, is willing to fight out challenges, gives importance to team work and constantly motivates people when they are down. However, there are certain characteristics, which a leader must avoid and must not perform, which are equally important in determining other people's perspective. Thus, certain points which negate effective leadership are discussed below.



Bad temperament-

A good leader must never become frustrated and should neither be impatient. Impatience, short tempered behavior is certain characteristics, which more often than not pose a difficulty in management. Short tempered leaders end-up dividing the workforce, which leads to rash and illogical decisions.


Arrogant and disrespectful-

No matter how intelligent, experienced or qualified a leader is, if he does not respect his followers, then he would gradually lose their support and end up alone. Leaders must not be arrogant, must not hurl abuses and must respect the experience and knowledge of his team so as to gain their confidence and understand their view points.



A weak leader is one who always finds excuses not to perform any new activity and shows lack of enthusiasm. Also, a bad leader shows no respect for time management and doesn't prioritize the things as per the requirements.


Lack of accountability-

A bad leader is one who never takes responsibility for the things that go wrong but takes credit for all things that go right. Also, whenever the things go wrong, a bad leader runs away, blames others and is not accountable for the events. This causes a sense of irritation and insecurity amongst the people, and eventually the leader starts losing respect. Also, a bad leader doesn't motivate his team when the chips are down, when the team is in need of personal support.



Under bad leaders mismanagement prospers in the form of bribery, delays in work, lack of control, corruption etc, which gradually erodes the foundation on which the team functions.


Leadership qualities are required by every individual to motivate the workforce and to guide them on the right path. The positive aspects of a good leader are always for someone to see, which has a motivating effect on the followers. However, for becoming a good leader, it is important to avoid certain negative traits, which if not avoided can in-turn make a person an ineffective and a harsh leader.

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