The Japanese Human Spirit: Rising from the Ashes

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on April 12, 2011

The aftermath of the calamity that struck Japan should be an eye-opener for the entire human race, which should learn a lesson from the spirit and inner-strength of their unfortunate Japanese earthquake. The earthquake hurt not only the , but also was a personal tragedy for all. The patience and perseverance with which the Japanese have tackled this colossal tragedy and loss, is commendable. Generally, when struck by a natural disaster, people tend to forget the suffering and agony of others and think about themselves alone.


This picture became symbol of Japanese Recovery

The determination and resolute shown by the Japanese should be a lesson for business organisations as well as individuals on how to tackle your problems. A few things which one should try to learn from the Japanese and the manner in which they faced a tragedy of this magnitude are:


• THE CALM with which they controlled their emotions. The Media also played a responsible and sensible role and did not showcase a single visual of chest-beating or wild grief. Sorrow itself has been elevated.


• THE DIGNITY and poise which was maintained throughout the relief operations not only by the people but the concerned authorities as well, is evident when the people formed disciplined queues for water and groceries. No incident of a rough word or a crude gesture was reported publically.


• THE ABILITY to withstand an earthquake of 9.8 intensity shows the devotion and sincerity of their workforce, especially   their incredible architects, for instance when the buildings swayed but didn’t fall. Had it been in any other part of the world, tall buildings would have crumbled like a pack of cards.


• THE GRACE and calm was maintained by the people inspite of the fact that there were tremors even after the quake and tsunami; still they bought only what they needed for the present, so that everybody could get something.


• THE DISCIPLINE and ORDER of the Law prevailed and there was neither any looting in shops or malls nor any chaos and confusion on the roads. People had a clear understanding of the situation and behaved with dignity. authorities did their work with responsibility.


• THE SACRIFICE done by the fifty odd workers who stayed back to pump sea water in the N-reactors ,without thinking of their own lives and the hazards involved, cannot be repaid in any manner whatsoever.


• THE TENDERNESS and care was shown by the restaurant-owners too, who slashed prices and served the people who had suffered. In one town, an unguarded ATM was left alone and the strong cared and helped the weak, in whatever way they could.


• THE TRAINING because of which is given continuously to the old and to the children how to handle a disaster, everyone knew exactly what to do and they did just that. Therefore, there was no confusion and they helped each other without any panic.


• THE MEDIA also showed a responsible and magnificent restraint in the bulletins and gave only calm reportage.


• THEIR CONSCIENCE and sincerity made the people put things back on the shelves and leave quietly, when the power went off in a store. There was no greed for theft or hoarding in the minds of the people at all.

Human mind and body is something which has a highly adaptive nature. The more you train, control and exercise your mind, the sharper, better focused and stronger it becomes. And by doing so, it prepares you to be ready for any challenge or adversity, and fight it out together.



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