MBA-Success or Opportunity ?

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Education is the most important value addition that takes each and every human-being one step above the other. Money and wealth inevitably goes to those people who have a better educational qualification, rather than to those who just keep on working. In every field, education plays a pivotal role in growth and success. Engineers, doctors etc are the foundation of the educated society. But nowadays, management graduates command the industries in terms of salaries and positions. So, is MBA a ladder to success? Does every MBA graduate succeed?


MBA-Success or Opportunity ?



MBA is a course of study which teaches the practical aspects of life, which individuals might have to face in their day to day professional life. Management graduates are taught teamwork, prioritizing work and planning for every process and event. Other aspects which are sharpened in an individual are systematic thinking and an analytical approach in every field. Because of all these trainings, an MBA graduate has a complete perspective of his surroundings. Hence, he is in a better position to use resources and take a more mature and sensible decision, as compared to another graduate, who is technically proficient.


Management promotes team activities and group discussions, which enhances a persons ability to make his point heard. Also, it teaches an individual to be ready for suggestions and criticisms for improvement. All these factors induce and motivate the person to perform better and strive harder. Thus, management graduates get a preference in companies as they come with a broader frame of mind and with better skills to manage the resources optimally.


MBA is essential for gaining knowledge of various sectors which are present in the world. Also, industry knowledge is taught so as to be better equipped to face unforeseen circumstances. Management students are taught not only to make best use of opportunities but also to be prepared for the worse.


MBA is just a platform which prepares an individual to be ready to face the real world. But even though MBA graduates start off with a better salary and position as compared to their counterparts, what ultimately decides their career graph is their efforts and performances in the company. It also gives them self confidence and the ability to start their own venture or do something different from the herd of professionals, who lead a mechanical life.


The professional world is a race. MBA only ensures a good start in the race. But the winner of the race is decided by hard work, focused concentration, ability to solve problems and willingness to grab onto newer opportunities.


MBA is a launch pad which opens many horizons. Thus, it is not a ladder to success, but definitely the first stepping stone which opens a world of unbounded opportunities.


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