Education vs Literacy

Published by MBA Skool Team, Published on December 02, 2010

The world knows India as the knowledge and education hub. People from India, be it in the field of technology, medicine or management, have left their mark across borders. Multinationals prefer hiring people from India for their knowledge and skills. India has the maximum number of management graduates passing every year. But does high literacy mean that education levels are also high? India has a lot of literate graduates like engineers, MBA's, doctors, but does that mean they are all educated?


Education vs Literacy

Literacy has an indirect relation with education. Through literacy one can acquire skill sets and learn ways to do things. But education is how and when to apply these skills in the right direction at the right time, for the benefit of your organisation, society or country.


People across the world, when they acquire their management degrees, think of themselves to be superior to all those who are below in the hierarchy in the organisation. A lot of such business professionals dont respect their elders at work  who are working at a lower position in the organisation or tend to neglect the view of their juniors. Therefore, even though they possess a higher educational qualification, they lack in terms of experience, and hence can be called uneducated because they turn a blind eye towards the expertise of their colleagues.


Generally, people who usually acquire a higher qualification, tend to command their subordinates by their position, and not by their leadership qualities. They use abusive language, man-handle their employees despite studying in the best educational institutions. Sometimes, managers misuse their position in the organisation and indulge in unethical practices and also do nothing for the benefit of the society or the poor. Thus, even though they are superiorly literate, their attitude degrades that fact, and they lose support in the company. Thus, education and experience play a pivotal role in the growth in any field.


On the contrary, a few businessmen who are comparitively illietrate or havent  had the privilege of education, use their common sense, will, grit and cooperation of others to come out with flying colors. For them, education is doing the basic things correctly, respecting their fellow colleagues and keeping a broad vision. Thus, despite not possessing degrees from colleges, they are competitive enough to hold a position in the dynamic market.


Literacy teaches a person methods, ways and skills to tackle problems. But education is use of that knowledge for betterment and wellbeing of the underprivileged in the society and organisation, by performing their duties responsibly and ethically.


Thus, lack of creativity in educational institutions leads to manufacture of 'mechanical professionals' in batches, who tend to create students who are literate, but not educated.


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