Top 10 Sports Brands in the World 2024

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In this article, we have prepared the list of top Sports brands in the world 2024 based on business parameter of Revenue. Top Sports brands have always been the ones which have provided high brand value and visibility over the years. Biggest sports companies have been providing the highest quality of apparel, shoes, equipment etc. to athletes and sports fans. It is one of the growing sectors in the world. With the increase of ecommerce, the popularity of the top sports companies in the world has increased many fold. Top sports like football, basketball, rugby, baseball all contribute to huge sales of brands like Adidas, Nike, Puma etc. These brands also sponsor the kits and sporting events to maintain their top positions. 

Top 10 Sports Brands 2024 by Revenue:

The top sports brands in 2024 include Nike, Adidas, Puma, Under Armour, DKS along with Converse, Asics etc. Here is the list of the top 10 sports brands in the world 2024.

1. Nike

Nike is the world’s leading sports good manufacturer, distributor and marketer in the world.

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With more than 70,000 employees all over the world, Nike is the biggest maker of sports shoes, apparels, sports equipment and much more. It has always been one of the top sports brands having a global footprint.

Apart from its product business, the brand “Nike” is one of the biggest brands in the world owing to its excellent marketing and top of the mind brand recall. The company was formed in the year 1964, and it has gone on to become one of the biggest companies in the world. Over the years Nike has made some big acquisitions which has strengthened its position in the global sports market. Nike has a strong focus on marketing and branding, and has several brand ambassadors across various sports. Nike has sponsored football stars like Ronaldo, Neymar, Rooney etc. Basketball star Michael Jordan has an entire line of shoes dedicated to him by Nike. In cricket too, Nike has associated itself with the Indian cricket team owing to huge popularity in India.

Revenue ($ Billion): 51.2

2. Adidas

Germany based global sports giant Adidas was formed in the year 1949 as the Adidas brand.

Image: Wikimedia

Adidas has a strong product offering and offers products like Footwear, sportswear, equipment, deodorants etc, which are served to customers worldwide, and has become one of the best sports brands. The company has a strong employee base of more than 50,000+ employees which are spread in its offices all over the world. Some of big brands like Reebok, Runtastic, Matix are also subsidiaries of Adidas group. Adidas being one of the leading sport brands in the world, has sponsored many sporting events and teams all across the world and across various sports as well. Adidas was the official sponsor of the football world cup apart from sponsoring various international and club teams like Manchester United, Real Madrid, Milan etc. The company has also sponsored cricket player & teams, baseball, basketball, golf, running etc. Some of the top tennis players also endorse Adidas brand and its goods/accessories. Effective television commercials using sports celebrities has been the backbone of marketing the Adidas brand. Some sports personalities associated with Adidas are Any Murray, Sachin Tendulkar, Lionel Messi etc. in 2021, Adidas saw sales growth in the e-commerce channel and has started to recover sales in most of the markets after pandemic effect.

Revenue ($ Billion): 23.4

3. DKS

DKS Sporting Goods is one of the largest sports companies in the world based out of USA.

Image: Wikimedia

DKS has more than 600 stores spread all over America, which is managed and run by an employee staff in excess of 25000. Some of the important subsidiaries of DKS are Affinity Sports, Field & Stream, Golf Galaxy, Oshman's Sporting Goods, True Runner etc. Over the years, many sports teams and events have been sponsored by DKS, which have ensured worldwide visibility and brand recall of the brand. The company has been associated with several sporting events like marathons, NHL, golf tournaments, basketball, football etc. The company was formed in the year 1948 and regular acquisitions have strengthened its place as one of the top sports brands in the world in 2024. With the increasing penetration of ecommerce, the company offers its entire product line online through the company website as well as other multi brand websites. For ensuring high customer satisfaction, the company has several processes like return policies, refund etc. DKS has continually invested in advertising through TV commercials, online ads, print media etc.

Sports activities were reduced in the 2020 but now as the markets are opening up and sports teams are coming back, DKS is seeing recovery.

Revenue ($ Billion): 12.3

4. Puma

Puma is one of the most popular, easily recognizable and top sports brand in the world.

Image: Wikimedia

The Puma company, based out of Germany, was formed in the year 1948 after the brand got split with Adidas, and has become one of the top sports brands globally. Since then the company which has over 11000 employees is a worldwide leader in footwear, apparel, sports equipment, accessories etc. The company became a publicly listed organization in 1986. The global presence of the company can be seen from the fact that Puma products are sold in more than 120 countries across the world. Puma’s wide product portfolio offers goods for running, gym, football kits, golf, basketball etc. Leading international football stars and some of the top international football teams and clubs are sponsored by Puma. Recently, the company has also associated itself with cricket and Formula 1, with an aim of becoming one of the best sports brands in 2024. Puma’s distribution network has been accoladed not of for high efficiency but also for protecting the environment.

Revenue ($ Billion): 9.4

5. Skechers

Based out of California USA, Skechers has become one of the largest sports brand companies in the world.


Skechers is one the largest manufacturers of sports footwear and the company boasts of more than 11000 employees. The company was found in the year 1992 and has over the years established itself as a global sportswear brand and one of the top sports brands especially with the help of global celebrities. The global footprint of the company can be judged by the fact that Skechers products are sold in more than 170 countries. All over the world, the company has more than 2500 stores. With the growing popularity of online shopping, Skechers website provides its users the entire range of product offerings. Skechers products are also widely available through multi brand outlets and websites. The company has also focused on CSR activities, most notably being helping foundation for children with special needs and youth. Skechers has been endorsed by several athletes like basketball players, elite runners, TV hosts etc.

Revenue ($ Billion): 8

6. New Balance

Over the years, New Balance has grown on to become one of the leading sports brands in the world.

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Found in the year in 1906 in US, New Balance has over 5000 employees globally with the company’s headquarters in Boston. Over the years the company has become one of the best sports brands worldwide. New Balance has a wide range of products like sportswear, shows, cricket equipment, apparel etc. New Balance brand has a strong affinity to the skateboarding sport and has specially designed shoes and accessories for skateboarders. New Balance has grown in leaps and bounces over the last few years and one major reason is the sponsorship it offers for sports teams and events. Olympic committees of a few countries and several European football clubs have been sponsored by the brand. The company has also been extensively involved with sports like cricket, basketball, cycling etc. Some of the leading international tennis players are also brand ambassadors of New Balance.

Revenue ($ Billion): 6.5

7. Under Armour

Based out of Baltimore USA, Under Armour is one of the leading sports apparel and accessories companies in the world.


Formed only in 1996, Under Armour has grown on to become one of the top sports brands & companies with an employee strength of more than 13000 worldwide. The company has a wide range of products offering Clothing, footwear, sporting equipment and other accessories. Apart from USA, Under Armour has offices in London, Amsterdam, Mexico, New York and many other locations. The company has grown rapidly over the last few years by some strong acquisitions as well. Apart from acquiring sportswear companies, the company has also taken oven fitness app products which has added to the diversification of the brand. Under Armour offers t-shirts, caps, shoes, jackets etc. which are widely used in sports like soccer, basketball etc. Under Armour has effectively used man media channels to ensure effective marketing and branding of its products. The company has several celebrity ambassadors endorsing the brand and its products. The revenue has fallen due to the pandemic impact as compared to previous years.

Revenue ($ Billion): 5.7

8. Asics

Japanese sports shoes and equipment brand Asics is one of the biggest sports companies in the world.

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Asics is headquartered in Japan and having more than 7000 employees. Asics was found in the year 1949 and has since then gone on to become one of the top sports brands worldwide. Asics has gone on to become a leading sportswear brand not only by acquisition of other players but also by aggressive marketing like sponsorship of the cricket team of Australia. The brand offers its entire portfolio of offerings through its website. The product range covers shoes, Tshirts, tracks, equipments for men, women and kids. The company also focuses on customer service and has got provisions for product replacement and return incase a customer is not fully satisfied. Based out of Japan, the company made its presence in US in the year 1977 and since then created a substantial market share. Sponsorships, outdoor advertising, TV commercials etc. all have helped establish the brand as a top sports brands in 2024.

Revenue ($ Billion): 2.7

9. Converse

Converse is one the leading sports wear brands with a strong product offering.

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Found in 1908, Converse is a global brand focusing on sports wear, apparel, shoes, equipment and much more. The company has an employee strength of 2500+ and since 2003 it is a part of global sports giant Nike, which has helped the brand grow and become one of the top sports brands globally. The company’s “star” logo is one of the most easily identifiable icons which shows the wide popularity of this sports brand. Converse has a strong presence in sports and especially in basketball NBA and skateboarding. The company has made it a point to reach out to sports enthusiasts and has managed to do so by sponsoring several sports events and teams. Apart from sports, Converse has also roped in fashion stars to promote is casual fashion apparel and accessories. With the increasing reach of online shopping, the brand has a global presence in more than 100 markets worldwide, making it one of the largest sports brands in the world.

Revenue ($ Billion): 2.4

10. North Face

A subsidiary of VF corporation, North Face is one of the top sports brand and equipments company in the world.


North Face is a world leader and one of the top sports brands in outdoor accessories and equipment like tents, backpacks along with trekking shoes, apparel, jackets etc. Found in 1968 as a brand for mountaineering equipment, the company is currently headquartered in California in US. An expert in snow equipment, North Face has a target audience of those who are interested in snow boarding, skiing, mountaineering etc. The company has more than 50 retail outlets in USA alone followed by 20 in UK and a few in Canada as well. Apart from this, the company sells equipments and goods across the world through online portals as well as multi brand retail outlets. North Face is now a fully owned subsidiary of VF corporation, which has other popular brands like Lee, Wrangler etc. as some of the popular brands under its umbrella.

Revenue($ Billion): 1.5

Ranking Methodology for Top Sports Brands 2024:

1.The leading and top sports brands are considered for analysis.

2.Latest revenues for the companies are taken.

3.The brands are ranked on the basis of their revenues.

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