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FIAT - The Curious Case In India ! 31 October 2010

FIAT, the 6th largest car maker in the world, is based in Italy. Its a brand that is well known around the world and is present in many countries including India.

FIAT has had a very strange relationship with India. We all do remember the Premier Padmini which was on roads till 2000. Even today majority of the TAXI's in Mumbai are Padmini.

Premier Padmini is a word that sounds a little lesser known and lesser recognized. But when a mention is made that majority of the TAXIs in Mumbai are FIATs, it makes a lot more sense.


Substitutes: A Bigger threat than competitors 31 October 2010

Porter's five force model is pivotal in any industry and must be analysed appropriately and extensively to find out a company's strengths and weaknesses. The five force model has 5 elements, namely threat of competitors, bargaining power of suppliers, bargaining power of customers, inter-organisational rivalry and, a very important danger i.e. threat of substitutes. Of all the above elements, threat of substitutes is deadly for an organisation as it is the most unexpected and it might take up the market by storm, thereby posing a potential danger to companies. Thus, it is extremely important that companies make breakthrough products and, creative and innovative efforts to tackle the possible hacking by substitute products and services.


M.R.P: Setting your own price ? 31 October 2010

Money- the one factor which keeps humans on their toes. Be it individuals or organisations, any opportunity to charge and earn an extra penny is not allowed to let go. But sometimes naive customers are charged for something which is far more than the value associated with the product. This is why the concept of Maximum Retail Price was introduced. However, is MRP for real or do people set their own prices?


Ethics: The perfect marketing strategy 31 October 2010

Every organization starts with the purpose of fulfilling the desires and needs of people. Companies are born when they understand the customer needs, find the gaps in the industry, provide the target group with their services and then promote their activities and products so as to reach to maximum customers. But there comes a time in the life-cycle of every organization, where extensive marketing is not needed for brand recognition and retaining customers. The main factor which creates a place in the minds and hearts of consumers is the ability of the company to serve the people ethically and responsibly.


Sport Legends: Bigger brand than their sport 31 October 2010

Every nation is fascinated by a sport. The fan-following and support is at mindboggling levels, with the sport becoming a religion and the sports-stars their gods. Whether watching their favorite sportsperson play on the field, or following them everywhere in their personal lives, fans form an integral part of the players as well as the sports life. India is spellbound by the cricketing fever, Europe is gripped with football frenzy and USA has incredible basketball and baseball following. But are a few legendary players, who have created a niche brand for themselves by their exploits on the field, bigger than the sport? The answer is yes.


Next Round of Growth in Rural India 31 October 2010

The dynamics and demographics of rural India make it impossible for any company to turn blind eye on rural market. The recent development in the rural market has shown us that marketers have to be innovative and novel in their thinking to tap ever increasing needs of rural India.  They may have to go beyond logic to explain the recent phenomenon of burgeoning demand from rural market. Rural India is a place with a sense of peace where terms like ‘recession’ or ‘India shining’ are relatively remote.


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