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Royal Enfield Bullet - The Indian Cult Brand ! 31 October 2010

People talk a lot about Harley Davidson and how big it is as a Cult brand. People have seen and read case studies on it in their management courses. But whenever one reads about Harley, one Indian brand that definitely comes to mind is Bullet motorcycles from Royal Enfield.


Its an App App World ! 31 October 2010

Gone are the days when a mobile phone was just an instrument to talk to a person, away from you, while travelling.

The scenario has changed now. Our latest cellphone boasts of 600Mhz processor, 384 MB RAM, upto 32 GB memory card and many more things....

Google Nexus One/ HTC Desire has a 1 Ghz processor. A speed which was just restricted to a PC.


Do Brands have finite lives ? 31 October 2010

We all have heard, studied, read about the Product Lifecycle(PLC). The concept says that Product, like a human being, has a finite life. It grows, matures and then dies.

Lets take an example. A Floppy Disk is no longer available now but it was a hot cake at one time. Even till 2001-02 floppies existed in market. The product just died.


Why Twitter is so successful ? 31 October 2010

In 2005-06 a phenomenon called Orkut hit India. People were totally hooked on to it. Everone created a profile on it in 2006 and after that a social networking revolution came to india. In US, Europe etc  this had already started 2-3 years back. MySpace, Facebook etc were already super popular.

India also caught on well with all these trends. Orkut became a passe as soon as Facebook took over for Personal and social networks, LinkedIn for professional and MySpace just for timepass in the Indian context.

Then suddenly new words started to make some noise in the cyber space. These words twitter and tweets took the world by surprise and shook it! They introduced the concept of microblogging  and SMS type social networking.


FIAT - The Curious Case In India ! 31 October 2010

FIAT, the 6th largest car maker in the world, is based in Italy. Its a brand that is well known around the world and is present in many countries including India.

FIAT has had a very strange relationship with India. We all do remember the Premier Padmini which was on roads till 2000. Even today majority of the TAXI's in Mumbai are Padmini.

Premier Padmini is a word that sounds a little lesser known and lesser recognized. But when a mention is made that majority of the TAXIs in Mumbai are FIATs, it makes a lot more sense.


Substitutes: A Bigger threat than competitors 31 October 2010

Porter's five force model is pivotal in any industry and must be analysed appropriately and extensively to find out a company's strengths and weaknesses. The five force model has 5 elements, namely threat of competitors, bargaining power of suppliers, bargaining power of customers, inter-organisational rivalry and, a very important danger i.e. threat of substitutes. Of all the above elements, threat of substitutes is deadly for an organisation as it is the most unexpected and it might take up the market by storm, thereby posing a potential danger to companies. Thus, it is extremely important that companies make breakthrough products and, creative and innovative efforts to tackle the possible hacking by substitute products and services.


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