Abhyudaya-Institute for Financial Management and Research

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23.02.2013 - 24.02.2013
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Institute for Financial Management and Research
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Rakesh Reddy C
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In Abhyudaya, six events are going to be conducted. 2.5 lakhs of prize is going to be awarded out of which 50K is allocated for our flagship event "Last Man Standing". Gear up to be part of this exiting and challenging fest.


About IFMR:


Originating in 1970 and endowed by ICICI and House of Kothari’s The Institute for Financial Management and Research (IFMR) has come a long way to establish itself as one of the premier B-Schools in India and is amongst the top B-Schools in the southern region, with a vision of molding talented and ambitious young managers and graduates into effective executives in a global setting.


IFMR’s program of management studies tenders a fine blend of theory and simulates real life exposure.


Established in 2000, Institute for Financial Management and Research, IFMR also boasts of an enviable history of being a National Level Financial Research Institution, which goes back to 1970. Presented with a National Rating of A** and a state rating A*** by CRISIL in 2010, the PGDM program offered by IFMR seeks to imbibe a sense of strategic outlook to management problem in its students




The rising sun scatters its first ray of sunshine, promising a new beginning. This ideology is what defines Abhyudaya. An event that makes you question the ordinary provokes and inspires you to think and leaves you enriched with an experience beyond belief.


Over the years, it has been acclaimed and has also evolved into a full-fledged B-School fest recognized for its management, namely Finance, Marketing, HR, IT and Operations. To test the strength, grit and the management potential in candidates, we also conduct a strenous event, our flagship event – The Last Man standing!


Over the years, we have received active participation of over 2000 students of well known institutions like the IIMs, FMS, XLRI, SP Jain, SIBM, NMIMS, KIAMS, LIBA, and GIM.


The themes of the last 7 editions of Abhyudaya were as follows:


2006 - Rural RethInk

2007 – See the Big Picture

2008 – The Business of De-mergers, Mergers Acquisitions and Spin-offs(BODMAS)

2009 – Blazon-Brick on Wall Street

2010 – Embrace the radiance

2011 - Mahabharat

2012 - Punaruthan


For more details visit our web page: www.abhyudaya-ifmr.com