The Big Idea-NMIMS, Mumbai

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The Big Idea
The Big Idea
28.02.2014 - 16.03.2014
Case Study/Business-Plan

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NMIMS, Mumbai
The Entrepreneurship Cell
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A competition for existing businesses and upcoming start ups which are into market and have gained initial market experience. Promoters are looking to invest in the selected idea which they feel to be innovative and forward-looking.Rules:1. A team of 2-5 members can be formed 2. Team members can be from different colleges also 3. Start-ups are also eligible

4. Once a team register, it should send an abstract to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

First submission prototype is 28th February 2014

Short listed teams will be informed individually Submission of market testing results is 10th

Campus round will be on 16th March 2014

There may or may not be a winner. Event committee’s decision will be considered as final. Promoters are looking to invest in the selected idea. Investment structure shall be discussed later. Winners and investors need to coordinate themselves post the event. Event Stages Round 1 - Participants are supposed to submit a detailed draft explaining the business idea. This should include 1. What is the need that your business exists to satisfy? 2. How will your business satisfy the need? 3. Mission or vision statement with objectives detailing how the business satisfies the need in the market 4. How does your company differentiate itself? 5. Who are the key players in the business? Like: Name the management team, board and advisers to the business. Highlight their expertise and experiences 6. How big is the market which includes size, attractiveness, profit potential etc.? 7. What will be your most effective marketing and promotional strategies? 8. Explain about the economic system of the business? 9. Strategies to Break-even as soon as possible? Round 2 - Submission of initial traction of the business. A report should be submitted showing the market results of the product/service to make VCs understand your business potential Round 3 - On-campus round. Selected teams will be called to present the business idea before the panelists and answer the queries asked by them Note - There may or may not be a winner. Event committee’s decision will be considered as final. It all depends on the quality of the idea and its innovativeness