Foodaholic-Institute of Management, Nirma University

Event Details 

04.12.2014 - 06.12.2014
Institute of Management Nirma University, S.G. Highway,
Institute Festivals/Fests

Organizer Details

Institute of Management, Nirma University
Cultural Committee
Contact Name:
Kushagra Jain
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Prize Details:
WINNER : Rs 8000RUNNER UP: Rs 5000



Foodaholic is a very exciting event which is full of adventures and suspense. In the first round, the participants will get the opportunity to test their senses and their knowledge about food. The event also comprises of a treasure hunt or to be specific, a “Khau galli” round that would take their excitement to a whole new level. The last and the most challenging task require them to “Make to Taste” and “Sell the Taste”. Need not stress your mind to know what it means. Just take part in the event and feel the rush..


  • Only B-school students are allowed to participate in the event.
  • The participants should carry their college ID card compulsorily.
  • All participants in the team should be of the same college.
  • This is a team event.
  • A participant can be a part of only one team.
  • The decision of the judges will be final and binding on all the participants.
  • Organization holds the power to disqualify any team or change the rules at any point in the event.
  • Multiple teams can participate from the same B-schools


    • Teams should consist of minimum 2 and maximum 3 members.
    • If the teams break any rules, it would lead to disqualification.

The decision of the judges will be final and binding on all participants.

Round 1: Kya aap master chef se tez hein

One member of team is required to perform the task.

  • He/she will be blindfolded and will be asked to identify the food item by its aroma or savour or taste.
  • After the first round, few teams will be shortlisted and would proceed to the next round.