Write-O-Rama 3.0-IIM Kozhikode

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Write-O-Rama 3.0
Write-O-Rama 3.0
17.12.2014 - 27.12.2014
Article Writing

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IIM Kozhikode
The Editorial Board
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Sourav Pattanayak
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Prize Details:
1st Prize: Rs. 70002nd Prize: Rs. 5000Winner First Task: Rs. 2000Winner Precursor Task: Rs. 1000


Interstellar. December. Hobbit. Winter. Christmas. Well honestly, we're looking for someone to share in an adventure. Sponsored by madness, creativity, and itsy-bitsy writing, we bring to you Write-O-Rama 3.0 - the annual literary event of The Editorial Board, IIM Kozhikode. An open to all three round individual event, Write-O-Rama is here to make you write; and make you discover the joy of writing. 17th December, 2014, is the date to watch out for.

Chapternama (pre-cursor event; optional): We give you the title of a fictional book, and you have half an hour to write down chapter names for the book. Winner gets Rs. 1000.

First Task - tête-à-tête (compulsory): Frodo -“I destroyed the Ring!” Harry -“10 points to The Shire.”

The name sayeth it all actually. We pair up personalities – real or fictitious. You come up with a dialogue between any one pair. Winner gets Rs. 2000.

Get past the First Task and you get your Golden Egg with details on how to go about the Second Task - Fork in The Road. This will be followed by the third and final task - The Case Story. At the end of three tasks, the one with the highest cumulative points wins the event.

Winner gets Rs. 7000 while runner-up takes home Rs. 5000.

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Sourav Pattanayak – 08129921725

Divya Elizabeth Thomas - 09895924359

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