Melange-K.J Somaiya Institute of Management Studies and Research

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12.02.2015 - 14.02.2015
Institute Festivals/Fests

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K.J Somaiya Institute of Management Studies and Research
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Ankit Parmanandka
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Rs. 4 Lacs


As the name suggests, Melange is one varied mixture.

In different spheres of world, Melange has different dimensions, and here at SIMSR, Melange is a medley of those things and events that bring happiness, joy and learning. Melange is that part of the institute that broadens its perceptive horizon, connects it to the corporate world in a way that is beneficial to them as well. Melange witnesses the best lot of B-school students,the reason is however beyond the competitions and events. We, at SIMSR have a unique way to learn and approach each aspect of management skill. Our strong values coupled with excellent mentoring makes us stand apart from the rest of the world. This reflects in Melange,an inter-collegiate festival, which attracts the great minds and future leaders of the nation to come and enhance their skills. From the past one year, the scope of Melange has been widened to encompass the society at large. Each thought, word and action is done keeping in mind the bigger aim of helping and giving back to the society. The best way to do so is to engage the fresh young minds in it, which is precisely what Melange is all about. The concept behind Melange is simple yet insightful – tap the energies of the youth, channelize it towards the betterment of society without compromising on the fun element.

We at Melange, whole heartedly welcome you to come and help us in making Melange 2015,a great success!


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