Bidwiser-Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore

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25.09.2015 - 27.09.2015
Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore
Institute Festivals/Fests

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Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore
Forum for Industrial Interaction
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Sanchit Singhal
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Prize Details:
Prizes worth INR 30000 at stake!


Bidding is everywhere. From the stock markets to auction houses to even sports. From chaotic floors to 'sophisticated rooms', bidding has taken all shapes and forms. But the thrill - that has been a constant.


But not everyone knows this feeling, spectators would never understand the true rush of the gavel hitting the table and the announcer yelling "Going once, going twice, and sold!" You need to be there to feel it.


This year, Vista brings back one of its most popular events - Bidwiser! Following an adrenalin-filled edition in 2014, the event promises to be louder, noisier and more chaotic than you would ever imagine. Pitting strategic bidders against those playing by the gut, the event is going to raise the pulse of the auction room as no love is lost between the contestants.


Come. Experience the thrill of live auction at Bidwiser 2015.





The event will be conducted in 2 rounds.


Round 1 (Pre-Vista Prelims)


Round 1 is an online round and will be conducted in 2 stages.


Stage 1:


In stage 1, participants will have to download a case, based on which they will bid for certain assets.

Participants will be able to submit the bid online on the Vista website (Submission Details Tab) itself. Deadline for submission of bids for stage 1 is 5th Sep, 2015, 11:59 pm.

Teams will be able to access Submission Details Tab after registering for the event and each team will be allowed to place the bid only once.

Based on the bids of stage 1, each team will be alotted some assets and then Stage 2 will go live.

Stage 2:


Participants will use the information provided in the case to use the assets they got in Stage 1 for making maximum profit in Stage 2.

8 teams will be decided based on the maximum Net Profit they make at the end of Stage 2.

Round 2 (On-Campus Finals)


Round 2 will be held during Vista at IIM Bangalore.

8 teams will be shortlisted after Stage 2 of Round 1 and will be invited to participate in Round 2.

A live auction will be conducted in Round 2, details of which will be given during the event itself.


All teams are required to register on the Vista website, and fill in their bids online before the deadline.

This is a team event with each team consisting of 3-6 members.

Members of the team can be from different institutes and can be students or working professionals.

An individual cannot be part of more than one team.

The following Terms and Conditions apply for the event:

All decisions in matters of eligibility, authenticity and final judgments will be with organizing committee of VISTA, Indian Institute of Management Bangalore.

The format and structure of events is subject to change before the actual beginning of the event

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