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What is Risk Management? 18 January 2016

Risk management is one of the most critical aspects of management. Being safe in our own small world will not give access to many opportunities, but if you open yourself up to the world, you are also vulnerable to risks. Risk is like stress. The lesser, the better. The more, the meaningful!


How to write a Marketing Plan? 02 January 2016

Any company, product and service need a marketing plan to succeed. Research has shown that companies with good planning perform better than companies without a marketing plan. A marketing plan provides a framework to ensure that all the steps and processes are in line with the company’s vision and mission and also helps in evaluating & tracing progress. In this article, we will see various steps how to write a marketing plan.

Why do you need a marketing plan?

A marketing plan helps provide directions to employees, take informed decisions, capitalize on the opportunities and avoid threats. It also helps understand the results of past marketing decision.


Innovative Companies and their GenY Customers 24 December 2015

Let’s start with the very cliché statement- Millennials are a unique new breed of plugged-in networked savants. They expect seamless experience across all platforms in their quotidian lifestyle. They have an omniscient grasp of prices and promotions. Companies have been acknowledging this very idea and making the key decisions on their product innovations and marketing strategies. This article tries to study whether this new wave of brand activism in terms of technology innovations, a marketing messiah or a slippery surface of irrelevant brilliance. Do all strategies implemented by brands to attract the millennials work their way to the top or do they bite the dust mid-way?


Are Smart Cities Really Smart? 15 December 2015

Before going on and on about the mentioned subject, a question must be answered. What is a smart city? A smart city is a city where modern technologies and advanced resources are used to uplift the standard of living with the society. The target is achieved with better resource management and adapting methods that are more in accordance with the environment.


Consumer Insights- Understanding the Customers Better 14 December 2015

In this highly competitive era, it is important to strike a chord with your target audience to succeed. That’s why “connect” with the customer has become essential. For this, the need of the hour is to understand the underlying emotions and motivations while your potential customer makes a decision to buy /not- buy your product. So, companies are in constant struggle to keep their product both relevant and differentiated. For this, they need to jump from the traditional market research methods to gain consumer insights.


Evolving Trends in Marketing - Outbound and Inbound Marketing 10 December 2015

Marketing is the evergreen go- to solution for any manager to increase the revenue from his product or services. Although from time to time the modes of marketing have evolved, the importance of marketing for a firm to sell its product and services remains consistently high. Books on marketing define it as “identifying the needs of consumer, developing products/services to satisfy those needs and promoting/advertising these developed products to consumer”. Hence, a marketer has to understand consumer insights; design products based on those insights and then go back to the consumer to promote those products.


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