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Consumer Insights- Understanding the Customers Better 14 December 2015

In this highly competitive era, it is important to strike a chord with your target audience to succeed. That’s why “connect” with the customer has become essential. For this, the need of the hour is to understand the underlying emotions and motivations while your potential customer makes a decision to buy /not- buy your product. So, companies are in constant struggle to keep their product both relevant and differentiated. For this, they need to jump from the traditional market research methods to gain consumer insights.


Evolving Trends in Marketing - Outbound and Inbound Marketing 10 December 2015

Marketing is the evergreen go- to solution for any manager to increase the revenue from his product or services. Although from time to time the modes of marketing have evolved, the importance of marketing for a firm to sell its product and services remains consistently high. Books on marketing define it as “identifying the needs of consumer, developing products/services to satisfy those needs and promoting/advertising these developed products to consumer”. Hence, a marketer has to understand consumer insights; design products based on those insights and then go back to the consumer to promote those products.


The Future of Tourism Marketing 07 December 2015

“The Travel and Tourism Industry, It’s just a huge part of our economy”. These words as said by Karen Hughes, one of the French-American Politicians proves that Tourism Industry has grown leaps and bounds and emerged as a sure shot winner for a country’s economic growth.


Promotion and Advertising: Is It Always true? 04 December 2015

Promotion can be either through ‘push’ or ‘pull’. Various sales promotion such as Consumer and Trade promotions comes under push strategy, wherein sales representatives manipulate the retailers or consumers to meet their ends. Whereas, advertising is a form of ‘pull’ strategy that can be very deceitful and demeaning.


FMCGs in E-Commerce – Where are they today? 02 December 2015

In the past few years, the proliferation of mobile phones and internet have led to the creation of E-Commerce sector, which carved a space for itself in an already competitive landscapes of India. A recent report by Internet & Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) and KPMG found that, as of June 2015, internet users in India stood at over 350 million. With internet penetration still at 19 per cent, which is only one-third of that in other BRIC nations, it is expected to grow at a CAGR of 61.3 per cent from 2013 – 17. India’s internet growth story is strongly driven by the rapid growth of rural mobile internet users, which grew from 0.4 per cent in 2012 to 4.4 per cent today. Metros and Tier- 1 cities although not saturated yet are also growing at a tremendous pace.


E-commerce Apps Only: A Killer Move or a Fatal Error? 29 November 2015

A sudden wave of online buying stumbled upon the psyche of the people in India sometime after the global recession showed signs of recovery in late 2008. The working class was enticed by the idea of placing the order with just few clicks and getting it delivered to your home. ‘Cash on Delivery’ only added fuel to rage. Indian E commerce market is growing at a CAGR of over 30% since 2009 (about $3 billion then) and is expected to touch $22 billion by 2015.


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