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Refurbished Goods: The New Way to Shop 16 November 2015

Business dynamics is changing rapidly today, whether it be specialty products, shopping goods or convenience consumer goods, the way these are sold and purchased is undergoing a rapid transformation. Seeing technology growing at a fast pace, from smart phones and iPods to Google glass and smart watches, even the relatively new products are becoming outdated fast.


Optimizing Benefits of Advertising Pre-tests 09 November 2015

There is conflicting views between creative agencies and clients on the role of advertising pre-tests in successful advertising. While there has been increase in spending on testing creative alternatives at the pre-production stage, the question debated in the Indian context is that, should metrics (based on pre-test results) or agency judgment and client gut-feel be relied upon for decisions regarding creative alternatives?


Maggi- An Emotional Saga for a Customer 07 November 2015

The following article illustrates the emotions of the Maggi Noodles in the way it comes across me as consumer of Maggi for a long period of time.

(Note: to pen down the emotions of Maggi in the most convincing way, Maggi is personified as a person (woman) and an effort is made to carve out the emotions of Maggi in the best possible way.)


Millennials Marketing- Reaching out to the Social Generation 01 November 2015

An efficient integrated marketing communication is repercussions of sustainable emotional connect with the customers. It alleviates the difference between consumers’ expected value of the product and its perceived value. It increases the consumer surplus or the maximum value offered to the end-consumer and improves the brand positioning and image in the minds of the customers. In recent times, the communication is getting more and more focused and channelized as it is difficult to measure the ROI and conversion rate on mass marketing.


Aid and Governance Strategies to make India a Global Brand 27 October 2015

India is a country which boasts of one of the largest populations. The word ‘boast’ has been used to provide a positive perspective to the fact that India has such a large population which can help the country reap the demographic dividend. Since the population is so diverse, the needs too are and that offers the vast potential for companies from all over the world to capitalize upon. There is often a discussion on how a company or product from India can become a global brand. However, this essay focuses on a different perspective about how a nation that is a breeding ground for marketing and that lures corporate giants from across the globe can be a made a global brand.


Paradigm Shift in Retail Branding 17 October 2015

When we hear the word ‘brand’, the first thing which strikes our mind is words like – Coca Cola, Apple, or Adidas. All of these are manufacturers’ brands but the concept of brand can be applied to all kinds of products and services, even retailers. Retailers exercise authority on the manufacturers as they have a direct interaction with the customers at their stores, where the actual purchase decisions are taken by the customers. Retailers can have a lot of influence on the brand equity of the manufacturers’ brands due to these interactions with the customers.


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