Qualcomm Marketing Mix

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Marketing Mix of Qualcomm analyses the brand/company which covers 4Ps (Product, Price, Place, Promotion).

Let us start the Qualcomm Marketing Mix:


The company has made a lot of progress in the product list and has ensured that these products are top notch and are continually updated with the latest technology. There are tracking devices, using the two-way satellite location to send your current location. Semiconductors is one of their main products. They make semiconductors for almost all the companies of the world and it is one of their main source of revenue. QChat is a two-way communication software which allows you to connect through voice of text. Qualcomm Gobi is a chipset mainly used for the cellular networking and other process. This is under constant development and they are making their technology upgrade as the time passes by. Halo is a technology which is used for wirelessly charging vehicles with a high efficiency rate.

Qualcomm is also into the operating system for the mobile system. They are making the operating system to run on their hardware and have a software of speech coding which is very effective and is now being widely used in the android platform.

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Qualcomm continuously strives for minimising cost and thus focuses on investments that will yield highest returns, keeping in mind a considerable return to the stockholders and BOD (Board of directors). Currently, Qualcomm aims to reduce its annual cost of $3.7billion to $1.1 billion without compromising with technology and company’s goal. To reduce the cost the company will resort to the following measures:

• assigning compensation to the executives as per their performance

• reducing the no. of temporary employees and offices and at the same time trying to procure more resources at lower prices.


The company started out small but the way it has moved ahead is quite phenomenal. Qualcomm has now transcended the national borders and made its presence felt in the global field. The company is a leading producer in the field of semiconductors and mobile technologies are constantly working towards increasing their market share by making their products reach a lot of people through a set of mergers and acquisition.


• Over the period of yerars, company has come in the good books of the people, they are now aware through the word of mouth promotions about the company and the quality of products which they offer.

• The company also makes a use of consumer publications like publication in Vogue, India Today, Femina, Business Today, etc. to promote their products and services. The trade magazines are also used to promote the company like outlook, business today, etc.

• The company also goes through the television ads which are done to make sure that the attention of the targeted audience is achieved. The company advertises through the shows which promote the new products which are there in the market.

• Online marketing is also done to make sure that the people are aware of the company and have an idea of the products that the company has to offer.

About Qualcomm:

Qualcomm is an American multinational company which specializes in the semiconductors and telecommunication products and services. It is most renowned for the hardware products which it designs for the mobiles. The company is headquartered in San Diego, California. The company derives most of the revenues from the chip manufacturing and also from getting their products patented. The company is mainly into R&D and keeps on introducing products, all the time keeping in mind the latest technology. It was founded in the year 1985 and initially was the pioneer in the CDMA technology. Since then they are one of the leading companies in the field of mobile technologies. The company has grown in leaps and bounds. They have merged and acquired a lot of companies which has made them one of the best in the world.


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