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Human Resources section covers the wide spectrum of management of workforce, interpersonal relations in the corporate world by having articles on different concepts. Apart from these institutions and systems working for empowerment of the people also falls under this category.

The Competition within: Unites or Devastates 30 October 2010

Organizations are in a constant fight to give the best to their customers. Not only do they have to live upto the expectations of the target consumer, but they are also involved in a constant battle to be a score above their competitor in every department. Thus, the companies target the best talent in the market available to work for them. Due to this, sometimes there is competition between peers within an organization. But is this competition beneficial for the business?


Employee Attitude - An Asset or a Liability 30 October 2010

Human resources management is a very important pillar in the functioning and prosperity of an organization because it deals with the most dynamic and important resource of all i.e. People. It is the responsibility of the senior hierarchy in an organization to instill in the employee’s the beliefs and values of the organization, and also to make sure that everyone is bound by them. But unfortunately, despite extensive training and grooming of employees, one thing that backfires if not attended- the attitude of employees.


Personal Support - A Motivation beyond office hours 30 October 2010

Money, position, quality of work and recognition. These are some elements which an employee needs to remain motivated day- in and day-out, to work to the best of his abilities and deliver the goods for the organization. Hard working employees are rewarded with bonuses and are further encouraged to perform better. But what are the reasons for an employee's failure? Is it just competition? Is it just inability? No.


Diversity Management 30 October 2010

Diversity refers to any perceived difference among people in terms of age, race, religion, profession, geographic origin, and lifestyle or any other perceived difference. It is more than just equal employment and affirmative action. It is actually about ensuring that the factors are in place for the development of the workforce by mending the actual and perceived differences and thereby ensuring that the workers are able to achieve maximum productivity. It is about creating congenial atmosphere for all the employees to work effectively and efficiently. So inorder to achieve this, the company should support diversity at workplace and also ensure that a diversity management policy is in place in the company. Now with globalization every organization has a people from diverse backgrounds working in the company and hence it has become more than necessary to have such a policy in place.


Mismanagement in Management 30 October 2010

The art of management is to manage, control, coordinate and make the optimal utilization of resources with maximum efficiency. It is a process by which individuals must form groups and work as combined units in achieving their common goals. However, in many cases the irony is that in most places, those who preach management themselves do not practice it. One of the most important factors for efficient management is having a person who has good leadership qualities.


Teamwork - United we Triumph 30 October 2010

In any field, be it sports, education, politics or for that matter, management, the main objective is to always set your goals and achieve them. But no matter how good or brilliant an individual is, any task within an organization, for its successful completion, needs to be done by the team as a whole. The knowledge of an individual is important but unless it is finely tuned with the help of a team, its force is not achieved to its potential. Having people from different backgrounds, having various skills would not be valuable until they are fused together into a team, thereby maximizing their potentials. Although by definition, a group of individuals together is called as a team. But for any team to be successful, team spirit, assistance and cohesiveness is the key factor for success.



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