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Human Resources section covers the wide spectrum of management of workforce, interpersonal relations in the corporate world by having articles on different concepts. Apart from these institutions and systems working for empowerment of the people also falls under this category.

Perception & Personality - Human Dynamics 01 May 2015

Perception – A process which responds to an individual’s select, organizes and interpretation of stimuli into a meaningful and coherent picture of environment in which the individual survives is termed as ‘Perception’.


Talent Management to Talent Analytics - A Paradigm Shift 21 April 2015

Talent Management, having recently completed twenty years in the ambit of HR Technology has steadily been paving way for the new buzzword in the discipline – Talent Analytics. Talent Analytics, or People Analytics, has in no time established itself as the most prominent advancement in a sphere which has been witness to both incremental progress and umpteen sea changes which have swept through it since its inception. Belonging to the latter category, Talent Analytics has distinguished itself from its predecessor owing to its basic approach which is highly pinpointed in nature – targeting the main source of data – the talent itself, instead of hovering around it, as envisaged by Talent Management which gauges the circumstantial data around the data pertaining to talent (metadata).


Time to Hire - A Recruiter's Perspective 13 April 2015

Any person looking for a job has to be well prepared for taking an interview. Each candidate must be well verse for the job profile, must have a background about the company, must prepare well about his own personality, education, work experience etc. And this is true not only for the candidate but also the HR who is conducting the interview. Thus, when the time to hire comes, even the HR needs to be thoroughly prepared for conducting the interview, to recruit a candidate who is best suited for the job.


Finding the Balance - Work vs Life 09 April 2015

Work Life balance is the new demand of every individual. Let us first define -what is work life balance. Work life balance revolves around two important concepts of everyday life those are achievement and enjoyment. It is the concept of keeping a balance between the work schedule like career and ambition, and individual life like lifestyle, health, family etc. by prioritizing work and adopting various other methods and practices.


Detail Orientation- Observing the Finer Points 03 April 2015

HR plays a lot of attention when they are interviewing candidates for a specific post in their organization. The onus is on the HR manager to shortlist the best candidate for the interview from the vast number of people who apply for a job. During an interview, the HR plays importance on not only the educational qualification of the candidate but also on the overall personality of the individual. This is where being “Detail-Oriented” is an important aspect of an HR’s role.


Employee Satisfaction at Work & with Work 02 April 2015

In a booming era of globalization, the world and work has become too fast! In such world, people spend around 10 hours at their work. 10 hours a day and 30 years of service say that more than half of life of individual pass at the work. It has become very necessary to get such environment at work place that people at least get healthy satisfaction.


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