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Total Quality Management - The Basics October 30, 2010

Total Quality management or TQM is a concept in operations management wherein the aim is to reduce errors in the process (manufacturing or service) in order to increase

1) Customer Satisfaction

2) Supply chain management efficiency

3) Modernization

4) Worker’s efficiency and motivation


Supply Chain Strategy in Economic slowdown October 30, 2010

The economic uncertainties coupled with declining consumer confidence had created one of the challenging times in the recent past. The overall economic slowdown had impacted top line and bottom line of most of the Indian companies. Uncertain demand had impacted top line while bottom line was affected by increasing inventories and under utilization of assets. All areas of supply chain had been affected by economic slowdown, right from procurement to inventory to distribution.


Lean Principles in Service Industry October 30, 2010

Whenever we talk about Lean manufacturing or JIT, we think manufacturing companies, automobile companies. Toyota (TPS) gave these terms to the world of Operations. Are these terms and fundamentals just applicable to manufacturing companies like Toyota ?

What about firms who don’t produce tangible products like banks, IT firms ? Don’t they need operational efficiency ?

The answer is Yes, they do need  it.



Toyota Production System - The Origin of Operations Management October 30, 2010

Toyota Production System (TPS) is one of the most productive, efficient and beautiful management systems ever designed. TPS is a socio technical system developed by Toyota which integrates  theory with practice.


Low Cost Carriers - Operational Perspective ! October 06, 2010

Aviation turbine fuel is very high. Navigation charges are high. Landing fees in India is 70 to 80% higher as compared to other airports around the globe. One of the intriguing questions which come in everyone’s mind is how do low cost carriers operate. How they are able to achieve operational efficiency and cut operating cost. Low cost carrier follows price leadership strategy and focus on price reduction.


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