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Infographics Contest November 2014

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For the first-time ever, MBASkool launches a one of its kind competition for those who can blend knowledge with art, analysis with style, content with colors!! MBASkool.com, the one stop management knowledge portal, is proud to launch the "MBASkool Infographics Contest November 2014".

What are Infographics?

Infographics or information-graphics are graphical visual representations of data, knowledge or information. Infographics is a great way of showcasing analysis through vibrant colors, innovative graphs, pie-charts, flashy numbers etc. Infographics tell the viewer data in a fun way through images, graphics and art.


There is absolutely no restriction on the topics and participants can choose any of the following topics like Business, Entertainment, Management, Sports, Politics etc.


The contest would be held in 2 rounds to decide the best infographics and the most popular infographics.


Students have to submit their original infographics along with a 200+ word description as per the rules mentioned below. Judges and panelists will then select & short-list all infographics which they feel can be a part of the ROUND 2 of the contest. The Judges’ decision would be final. Among the infographics which are published, there will be WINNERS – BEST INFOGRAPHICS! Winners would be decided on the basis of Originality, Style, Content & Appeal.

LAST DATE for ROUND 1 Submissions: 23rd November 2014


After the judges review all entries, a few selected entries will get published on MBASkool and will compete for the "most popular" infographic round. Once selected entries are published online, each participant can access the link to their infographic. Participants will get a Deadline to share the link of their published infographic to get maximum Likes on their published infographic page on MBASkool. Round 2 details would be given to the selected entries later.



1st Prize: Rs.2,500 + Winner's Certificate (Hard copy) + MBASkool Goodies

2nd Prize: Rs.1,500 + Winner's Certificate (Hard Copy) + MBASkool Goodies

3rd Prize: Winner's Certificate (Hard Copy) + MBASkool Goodies


1st Prize: Rs.1,000 + Winner's Certificate (Hard copy) + MBASkool Goodies

2nd Prize: Winner's Certificate (Hard Copy) + MBASkool Goodies


To participate in the contest, follow the below steps:

1. Send in your articles at mbaskool@gmail.com and/or admin@mbaskool.com

2. In the Email Subject line please mention, please follow the following:

a. For Students (Email Subject line): "Your Name_Institute Name_Infographics Title”

b. For Professionals (Subject line): "Your Name_Your Company Name_Infographics Title”

Note: Please make sure that you follow the subject line as mentioned above to make sure that our automated system picks up your article and details seamlessly

3. Send in your entries in JPG or PNG formats only. Also, please embed your name & college name in the infographic at the "bottom left corner"

4. Participants are required to write atleast 200 word description describing their infographic in a separate doc/docx file. The description would also carry weightage. Kindly ensure that your content is original and free of any plagiarism and not someone else's copyright. Else participants can be disqualified.

5. Maximum two people can co-create an infographics

6. Multiple Entries from same team/individuals are allowed.

7. Name the infographic file as well as description file as Your Name_CollegeName_Infographic title 

8. Provide references in an attached document file stating the various sources from which the data has been compiled

9. Please submit originally created infographics only. We would be strictly eliminating teams/individuals who submit someone else's copyright.

10. The judges’ decision would be final when short-listing entries or selecting winners.

It’s time to make infographics with stats, images, colors and graphics and create Magic!!