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08.11.2013 - 10.11.2013
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Kiit University proudly presents the inagural edition of KIIT Model United Nations to be held on the 8th , 9th and 10th of November , 2013.In today


—Model United Nations- The Basic Idea Model United Nations, also known as MUN, is typically a simulation of the United Nations and it’s principal organs. —It is aimed at educating the youth about the role of the United Nations in the contemporary world. —It is usually organized by a high school or college MUN club. —

It is open to all middle school, high school and college students. The activity takes place at school or college conference rooms. How MUN Works —Students role play delegates of the member countries of the U.N. —The subsidiary bodies of the U.N. like the General Assembly, the Security Council, etc. are set up, each having it’s own specific agenda. —Students have the freedom to choose a country of their choice from a list of country matrix given on the MUN website. —Each of the committees are presided over by a group of Vice- Chairmen.

These are individuals who have ‘been there, done that’, a number of times. How Students Benefit From a MUN —MUN provides student delegates with a better understanding of the U.N. as they build skills in diplomacy and compromise. — Participants learn about important issues including regional conflicts, peacekeeping, human rights, women and children, economic and social development, and the environment. —

The students are also empowered with public speaking and debating skills, as well as critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership abilities. —The students make long lasting friends and exit with unforgettable memories and an equally irreplaceable experience.

—It’s a rewarding experience with outstanding delegates from each U.N. body being conferred the ‘Best Delegate’ award.

MUN Process Explained —Each committee has three set of delegates- ~ The Original Delegates- These students have few or zero experience, and give speeches detailing their country’s position on the topic and providing possible solutions. ~ The International Press (IP) Delegates- These students, also with no or few experience, draft resolutions for their concerned nations using excerpts from the speeches of their partner delegates. They also take pictures of the ongoing sessions. ~ The Executive Board Members- These individuals have tasted MUNs before and hence have the power to vote against or in favor of a resolution. They also offer expert advice on the related issues.

Salient Features of KIIT MUN —Will be a three day long event, lasting from 8-10 November. —65 talented individuals on board the team. —Each of these people are in charge of separate activities with their guidelines clearly laid out. — Website already up and running. —Delegate applications already rolled out. —Have managed to attract some big corporate names as sponsors. — Have been flooded with good responses, with delegates from various backgrounds expected to turn up for this grand event. — The last day will have an entertainment package. —