Upcoming Persuasion Mastery Workshop in Goa-Vibhor Asri Corporate Trainers Pvt Ltd

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Upcoming Persuasion Mastery Workshop in Goa
09.08.2014 - 10.08.2014
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Vibhor Asri Corporate Trainers Pvt Ltd
Training & Development
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Life begins to change the moment we start asking questions to ourselves.

  • Why top 20% of salespeople make 80% of money, and bottom 80% only make 20% of money?
  • Why top 20% of the top 20%, which equals top 4%, earn 80% of money in the top 20% of salespeople?
  • Why top 20% of companies in an industry earn 80% of the profits?
  • What these top 20% salespeople do different from others that make them so much successful?
  • What techniques they apply and how they apply in getting more and more business?

One of the finest qualities of Top Salespeople is their ability to capitalize their knowledge on lifetime experiences of other salespeople to become successful in a short span of time. They know they have to think smart along with hard work to become leader in information age.

Master Salespeople also know that if they have to reach at top in a short span of time then simple selling skills are not sufficient. They have to learn and master advance selling skills to keep them ahead of average salespeople.

So let’s find answers to these questions and learn the secrets of top 20% Master Salespeople in this Persuasion Mastery Workshop. This workshop is the result of many years research conducted on lifetime experiences of some of the brightest sales & advertising minds this world has ever produced.

One of the most important characteristics of these Top Salespeople is their ability to think different from mediocre sales people and their extraordinary understanding of customer behaviour.

But what makes them legend in selling is their precisely & timely application of these Persuasion techniques in different situations and conditions to achieve their goals in shortest possible time.

About The Workshop

Mastering Persuasion Skills in Sales & Business is a unique & interesting workshop where you can learn many techniques & applications of Persuasion in improving your Personal & Professional Life. As competition is increasing day by day with so many products & services along with so much information, it has become very tough for customers to decide which Product or Service is most suitable for their purpose. Customers are becoming more & more mechanical in nature, looking for shortcuts to take decisions. That’s why customers are dependent on Sales, Marketing & Advertising People to not only convince them but to PERSUADE them to purchase immediately.

In this workshop, you will learn direct, indirect & subtle Persuasion skills which can be applied immediately on the field.



Asia’s leading Persuasion Expert in Personal & Professional Development


How You Can Change The Way You Do Business Through Ethical Persuasion Skills

(Revolutionary Powerful Techniques in converting NOs into YESes)



09 -10 August 2014


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1 Enrollment = INR  15000.00