Aptitude Test

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Definition: Aptitude Test

An aptitude test is a type of assessment to determine individual’s talent/ability to succeed in a certain activity. It is used to evaluate the capability of an individual to succeed in a given task and to test it fitness for the specific job/field in future.

For example: Common Admission Test (CAT) is conducted each year for selecting the candidates best suited for management field.

There are variety of tests for evaluation of individuals for different tasks

1 Numerical Tests: To check the numerical reasoning and numeric literacy of a person.
2 Verbal Tests: To see how well the candidate can read and analyse a text or apply logical thinking to it.
3 Language and Literacy Skills Tests: To check the proficiency in language
4 Deductive Reasoning Tests: To check the logical thinking ability of a person.
5 Abstract Reasoning Tests: To check the logical ability through shapes and figures.
6 Technical Tests: to check the technical skills of a candidate applying for technical jobs.


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