Work Life Balance

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Definition: Work Life Balance

Work life balance is a concept introduced to emphasize the proper prioritization of work, which is career and ambition, against lifestyle, which is measured in terms of health, pleasure, leisure, family and spiritual development.

There are specific guidelines to how an individual can maintain a proper work life balance, some of which are –

  • Creating a work leisure plan:Where an individual has to schedule his tasks, and divide time appropriately so that he has allocated appropriate time to his work and his career development goals and at the same time allotted time for leisure and personal development.
  • Leaving out activities that waste time and energy:Individual should judiciously avoid wasteful activities which demand large time and energy and in return not produce output for either the work life or the leisure life
  • Outsourcing work:Delegate or outsource time consuming work to other individuals
  • Set enough time for relaxation: Relaxation provides better work life balance, and tends to improve productivity on the professional or the work front along with providing ample scope to develop the life part of the balance.


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