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Definition: Casualization

Casualization is basically defined as the change of the workplace, having predominantly temporary workers rather than the permanent workers. It is predominantly caused by the forces of supply & demand. Further, people are opting for casual labor in absence of full time permanent employment. Many social implications as a result of casualization have impact on the society & employees.


1. Flexibility in case of the labor is high, with the chances of increasing & decreasing workforce as per necessity

2. Efficient usage of the budget & cost.

3. It may sometimes be seen as a scope for “transition to permanent employment” for the casual employee.


1. Casualization has left a lot of workers with the risk of losing their jobs, as they were recruited on a temporary basis.

2. Chances of the business going nowhere are high, without a stable workforce in place.

3. There may be a chance of low employee for the casual employee, due to lack of access to professional development, internal promotions, etc.

Thus we see that a casualised workforce have benefits for a certain class of enterprise, where the demands change from time to time, and workforce needed to be reduced.


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