Organizational Learning

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Definition: Organizational Learning

In any typical organization, there is always a continuous change in the human capital, the way the business is run and the leadership styles used. But, certain values and behavior, norms and mental maps gets retained in the organization’s memory over a period of time because of the presence of intrinsic cognitive systems in every organization.

Further, organization learning primarily takes place through the shared frameworks and routines that get established as a result of team learning.

Team Processes


Broadly, there are three levels of learning:

1. Single loop Learning: In this case, any discrepancy or error is detected and corrected without changing the organization’s policies and objectives.

2. Double Loop Learning: In this case, the detection and correction of errors results causes a change in the organization’s policies, norms and objectives.

3. Triple Loop Learning: Triple Loop learning is essentially learning how to learn. By analyzing the previous learning experiences, the factors inhibiting or facilitating the learning process are identified and strategies for effective learning are developed.

The above image shows the learning processes in organizations.


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