Scheduled Absence

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Definition: Scheduled Absence

Scheduled Absence is the leave taken by employees at workplace where they have informed the management the reasons for the leave well in advance. A scheduled leave is taken by employees for various reasons and is generally planned before hand and for which they have got an approval.

For instance, planned vacations, family occasions, medical appointments etc. Prior information to the management aids the company to redistribute work responsibilities and plan the allocation of workforce in place of the absentee worker for the leave period.

An absence from work can be called a scheduled absence only if the information of the absence/ leave has been conveyed and the corresponding approval for the same has been obtained by the employee from his superior/ requisite authority as per the rules of the company, BEFORE the term of leave.

In the lack of either of the above conditions, the leave may be categorised as unscheduled as per company directives and hence unpaid, and may also attract the management‘s ire. Some companies, though, may be informally lax in imposing stringent compulsions, and opt for a mutual agreement during approving the leaves.

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