Product Involvement

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Definition: Product Involvement

It is the extent of consumers’ interest and effort put in for purchasing of a product or brand.

Product involvement, quite intuitively, can be of two types:

1. Low

2. High


High: Product involvement by customers is high for products that customers perceive to be highly valued i.e. may have a higher cost or may have long term benefits and bought after careful consideration. For example, a car would be a high involvement product as it is expensive and bought after much research.

Low: On the other, low involvement products are those that are bought on a day-to-day basis and become more of a habitual buy. These products are generally cheaper and do not call for in depth research. For example, a toothpaste tube would be a low involvement product for general masses as it is bought in fixed intervals (say every month) and does not cost huge sums of money.


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