Independent Representative

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Definition: Independent Representative

An independent representative or an independent sales representative is a person involved in the selling or marketing efforts of a product or company to which they are not directly affiliated and are not the full-time or part time employees of the company. It may be a firm or individual affiliated a direct sales or network marketing firm that is allowed to employ and manage its own sales force composed of other independent representatives.


Independent Sales Representatives are most commonly seen in the direct selling channel and according to research are mostly women who work as independent sales representatives or direct sellers as a part-time job. They often simultaneously represent multiple products or services from various companies, work on a commission basis, with no regular salary and can be found in many industries, including retail, real estate, cosmetics, medical and pharmaceutical supplies.


Some benefits of being an independent sales representative include the freedom to sell only preferred products and services and the liberty of working on a self-defined schedule. For more information, see Direct Selling.


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