Demographic Segmentation

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Definition: Demographic Segmentation

It is the method of segmenting a population based on various demographic factors like age and income. This helps a marketer as a particular company cannot satisfy the needs of the whole population. Hence,   segmentation helps the marketer to divide the population into various segments and chose the ones it wants to cater to.

The various factors used for demographic segmentation are given below explained with examples

Age: For example, Maggi earlier targeted the children but has now expanded its target market to youths and adults as well.

- Gender- various products like cosmetics are targeted at women only. Similarly shaving products target men.

- Family life cycle: Depending on the stage in which a family is, its needs changes. The marketers understand this and target their products based on the life cycle stage of family. For example, various travel companies and also travel destinations like Mauritius target honeymoon couples.

- Income: Various high end products are targeted at only the high income categories.

Various other factors like occupation, education, ethnicity, nationality, religion, social standards also help in segmentation. The simplicity and the easily distinguishable segments under demographic segmentation give it an edge over the other kinds of segmentation.


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