Selling Process

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Definition: Selling Process

The selling process is essentially the series of steps followed by a salesperson while selling a product. It includes the following steps:

1. Prospecting: The step in which potential customers are identified by the salesperson is called prospecting.
2. Pre-approach:The stage where the salesperson collects information about the potential customers and understands them before making the sales call is called pre-approach.
3. Approach: Approach is the step where the salesperson actually meets the customer for the first time.
4. Presentation: The step wherein the salesperson talks about how the product will satisfy the customer’s needs and add value to his/her life is called presentation.
5. Handling Objections: In this step, the salesperson clarifies all the doubts and questions that the customer has and eliminates all his objections to buying the product.
6. Closing:The step in which the customer is asked to place and order for the product is called closing.
7. Follow-Up: This is the final step in the selling process where the salesperson follows up with the customers to ensure satisfaction and builds the relationship in order to repeat business with them.

The above image is the selling process.


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