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Definition: Advertorial

The term advertorial refers to a blend of an advertisement and an editorial. Its usage dates back to 1946. It is basically an advertisement designed to promote the interests of a corporate sponsor and resembles the editorial format. Advertorials are commonly used to advertise new products or techniques.

Advertorials which appear in printed publications are designed to look like independent news stories. An advertorial can be a single print or it can be an entire paid section of special advertising designed to give the look and feel of a newspaper or magazine’s editorial. Visual images within an advertorial can be created by the advertiser or the advertising agency.

The reason behind designing advertorials is the fact that people generally give more credibility to editorial content than to paid advertisements. In television, it appears in the form of a short infomercial presentation of a product or service as a commercial or segment of a talk show.

An advertorial can give you complete control over the content and design but it can be very expensive and is not an objective article but represents your point of view.

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