Brand Image

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Definition: Brand Image

Brand image, in simplest words, is what the customers think about a particular brand. It can be defined as how existing or potential customers view the brand and associate with it.

The views, beliefs and perceptions of the target customers form an image in their minds defining how they imagine or identify the respective brand. Basically, brand image is the overall impression of a brand's total ‘personality’ in the consumers' mind. Brand image is developed over time and affected by the consumer’s experience or association from all sources, as well as mass advertising.

The main identifier of brand image can be a unique logo or slogan, which recalls the customers of the brand’s name. The customers also recall the brand in terms of remembering their experiences with the brand- be it pre, during or post purchase.

A positive brand image is built when customers are able to recall the brand and its uniqueness in terms of the offered value proposition, relate to the organization’s way of business and its key values.


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