Cross Selling

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Definition: Cross Selling

Cross-selling is a technique preferred by most organizations where they provide an additional product or service to a respective client or clients, traders and markets. The motivation behind cross-selling can be either to increase the size of business or to maintain cordial relationship with their clients.

In this way, cross-selling ticks the buck for companies especially in consulting for accounts. As there is always a need to serve the client better, there might be chances of trespassing moral borders for a particular client or clients in order to get huge business from that one client. Cross selling is currently prevalent in accounting firms where the size of business from one client is huge enough to sustain the business.

The consequence of losing that one client compromises the standards of that firm to certain extent in order to serve him better. Broadly, cross selling can take three forms: 1.Selling with additional unheard of services for the same product or service 2. Selling with add-ons from the service or product of different part of the company 3.Selling with a combo package like air conditioner and installation services

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