Strategic Mission

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Definition: Strategic Mission

Strategic mission is a type of marketing approach which is based on the core philosophy of organization. It is a long term plan on which the company operates to achieve its mission and vision objectives and goals. The following are the steps in preparing a strategic mission:

  1. Evaluate the mission of the organization – where the factors relevant to the mission of the organization are studied extensively and planned to meet the desired objectives
  2. Defining the objectives of the strategic plan – what exactly is to be achieved by the planning process and how this will help in the broader perspective of the organization’s mission and vision.
  3. Preparing the plan – understanding the nuances in the process of strategic planning and taking into consideration all the extraneous and environmental factors while preparing a plan which will help achieve the organizations vision and mission objectives.

Strategic mission is primarily to achieve the strategic goals that are of the following types - Long term goals and short term goals


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