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Next Round of Growth in Rural India October 31, 2010

The dynamics and demographics of rural India make it impossible for any company to turn blind eye on rural market. The recent development in the rural market has shown us that marketers have to be innovative and novel in their thinking to tap ever increasing needs of rural India.  They may have to go beyond logic to explain the recent phenomenon of burgeoning demand from rural market. Rural India is a place with a sense of peace where terms like ‘recession’ or ‘India shining’ are relatively remote.


Judging a customer by appearance - A Disaster October 30, 2010

A Customer is always Right.

A Customer should be respected.

A Customer is God to every business.



Marketing - The Desi Way ! October 30, 2010

There was a time when if you went to buy a CD/DVD of a FIFA game series for PC, it would cost you about Rs.2000. So the only option left for majority of game lovers was to either buy a pirated game from a roadside vendor for about 10% of the actual price or download it illegally from the internet free of cost. The Result : Piracy and Copyright violations, loss of business to the game publishers.


The New Age Marketing Warfare ! October 05, 2010

When Al Ries and Jack Trout wrote Marketing Warfare, the famous marketing book, little did they think about the level this war would reach? The new age marketing warfare is not just among different competitors fighting for the same market segment but is much more than that.


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