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Operations section has articles elaborating on concepts like supply chain management, distribution, industrial processes and logistics. The IT section has articles containing the effective use of new technology in the field of management.

Clean Development- the Way Forward for Towns and Cities in India 02 November 2015

With a plan to develop 100 smart cities, India is all set to usher into an era of rapid development. But India’s other towns and cities also need to be developed. And the best way forward for both new smart cities and old Indian towns and cities is Clean Development. In 1992, when United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change was extended, participating countries signed a treaty called Kyoto Protocol, there were two major issues: (a) Global Warming and (b) man-made CO2 emission. Clean development then came as a tool to reduce carbon footprints.


Excellence in Warehouse Operations through Best Practices 29 October 2015

Warehousing can be defined as “the part of the logistics system that stores product at and between the point of origin and point of consumption and provides information to management on the status, condition and disposition of items being stored.” Warehouses are typically viewed by some as simply a place to store finished goods and incurring huge costs. An effective supply chain is essential to achieve operational excellence for an organization. Warehousing forms an integral part of supply chain and thus optimizing operations inside a warehouse is important to sustain an entire supply chain. Regardless of what some might say, business leaders know how much the organization’s success depends on having an effective and comprehensive warehouse management strategies.


Analytics for Retail Business 23 October 2015

“Your future is your Data.”

Yes, in today’s business world, data is playing a crucial role. The total power of this data lies in the application of analytics. The strategic application of analytics in daily operations has become regular in many high businesses. Healthcare, Finance, Banking, Sports, Insurance, Retail industry and many more industries are getting benefited from analytics.


Smart Cities from an IT Perspective 09 October 2015

Under make in India project information technology will be used to make India smarter that will be done by introducing the concept of smart city. This concept will be introduced in few selected cities in India. Smart city is a digitized city where everything will be interconnected with the help of information technology and communication.


Allies In The Digital Ecosystem 09 October 2015

We see technology everywhere. We have adapted smartphones, social networks and online commerce very well. In the context of the Digital India initiative, we have to ask ourselves. Have we crossed the tipping point of the digital age, or have we not reached there at all?


Reaching the Full Potential of India’s Digital Economy 09 October 2015

“Going digital is no longer an option for us; it is the default,” said the CEO and MD of TCS Mr. Chandrasekaran at the World Economic Forum this year where he chaired the IT Governors Steering Committee. While this statement is now true for the world at large, India’s future progress in particular is increasingly dependent on how well it can manage and promote its digital economy. NASSCOM predicts revenues of USD 130 billion in FY15 from the IT-BPM industry, with a year-on-year growth rate of 13%.


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