From Logistikas to Logistics - A long journey !

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If you ask about logistics to any MBA student, he might promptly reply to you that logistics is the management of flow of goods such that right product reaches the right place at the right time but he might not be able to answer many other questions related to Logistics. Why is it called logistics ? Where did it begin ? What is the history behind logistics ?




Logistics has been part of human history from the time development began. From Pyramids in Egypt to the ancient wars, from World Wars to modern factories, all rely heavily on Logistics.

Logistics actually come from the word ‘Logistikas’. Logistikas were the military officers who were assigned the duties of providing services related to supply and distribution of resources. Their job was to enable the soldiers to move forward from one post to another efficiently with all the required resources. This art or science went on to become what we call Logistics.



Logistics mainly became an recognizable function in World War II. It is said that it was US and allies’ effective logistics which caused heavy damage to Germany and led to their  defeat ultimately. US and its allies were able to provide supplies, ammunition and resources at the right place at the right time which was too quick and efficient for German forces (rather Nazi forces) to handle.This resulted in their defeat and Logistics as a field emerged more strongly than ever before.

Today Logistics forms the integral part of Operations Management in any organization. Its job is to enable proper movement and allocation of resources wherever required.

Logistics is not just a science or management practice but also an art. A resource is useful and productive only till it is there where it needs to be when required. Logistics is an art which makes  sure that it happens. Logistics not only requires knowledge and experience but also requires intuition.

When the courier guy rings the bell at home and delivers the parcel, just think about the journey of the parcel on the way to your house.How was the call centre executive able to promise you the date of delivery well in advance ? How the parcel reached you exactly on the date promised by the company ?

These are the just the few questions which Logistics answer every moment!


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