Impulse Goods

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Definition: Impulse Goods

Goods which are bought on impulse or without significant thought process as opposed to staple or essential goods are called impulse goods.

Impulse goods are bought instantaneously and are not planned. These impulses are governed by our emotions and psychology. Food and Retail segments are more prone to impulse goods and purchases. 

Impulse Products category is targeted at stimulating the human sense/need of self-satisfaction and thus generates a desired action as a result of matching the product. Man a times these purchases are not entirely rational in nature.


1. Taste: Chocolate (Placed near cash counter)

2. Smell: Perfumes (Displayed behind the cash counter)

3. Sound: Music(Club music)

4. Sight: Decorative items (An female model on the cover of a magazine)

5. Feel: luxury clothing, experiences like hotel suites.


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