Advertising Media

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Definition: Advertising Media

Advertising media refers to the various channels or vehicles through which promotional content is communicated in various forms such as text, speech, images, videos etc.

There are different types of advertising media, broadly classified as follows:

i. Print Media: These include newspapers, magazines, leaflets, brochures, billboards, signages, direct mail and other print publications.

ii. Online Media: These include ads that are placed on home pages of other websites on the internet and promotional e-mailers.

iii. Broadcast Media: These include television and radio.

iv. Specialty Media: These consist of items that are given away to the consumer on which the name of the company or brand is printed so that more people get to know about it. For example- carry bags, membership cards, free merchandise like caps or bags, etc.

v. Other forms: Apart from the ones discussed above, advertising can be done through transit signs i.e. the small posters that we see on trains or buses, electronic billboards, etc. Mobile advertising is also picking up these days given the increased use of mobile phones today. Some ads can be advertised before the movies in cinema halls as well, where it can reach out to a large group of similar audience in terms of demography or geography.

Ways of measuring impact of advertising through various media:

• For a print or a TV/radio ad, a phone number or email can be given for customers to contact the company if they want, and through the number of people who have tried to contact, we can measure the impact of the ad

• For an internet ad which is placed on different website homepages, if the company or brand has an online website too, the number of clicks which direct the customer to the company website measures the impact of the ad. But if the company does not have a website, contact information can be displayed on the banner as in the case of print ads, and the impact can be measured similarly

• In general, feedback devices like coupons, toll-free numbers, or feedback registers in shops can estimate the impact of advertising media



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