Brand Promise

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Definition: Brand Promise

A brand promise is a statement made by an organization to its customers stating what customers can expect from their product and services. This is in terms of the benefits and experience- the tangible and the intangible, i.e., the value proposition. It is the most important aspect of a brand. It represents the uniqueness of the brand and this is what the customers remember.

It is the means to differentiate one’s product or service from its competitors and win over its customers. It builds expectations in the minds of the customers through the deliverables it promises and increases the desire for the product or service.


These promises are conveyed through advertisements and other marketing campaigns. It is also called a tag line – a short phrase relevant to the organisation.'

For example,   Britannia says ‘Eat Healthy, Think Better’.

Here, the company promises its customers to deliver biscuits and snacks which are healthy and would help the customers grow better and think better.


Similarly, Hutch (now Vodafone) said ‘Wherever you go, we follow’- a promise to provide good network connectivity wherever one might be located.

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