Entrepreneurship Skills- Not in your Blood, but in your Attitude

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Entrepreneurship skills are not in your blood only but lie in your attitude. Some entrepreneurs inherited this, but most of them have made this with their positive attitude, optimism and never ending enthusiasm. Some people believe that people are born with entrepreneurship skills in their DNA but attitude is what makes an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs can be emerged from any realm and at any stage of life, and come in all types of personalities.

Successful entrepreneurs have always had a lot of dedication, passion and commitment towards their own venture.

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There are some traits that can be observed in most of the successful entrepreneurs-

• Vision

A trait that leads to a whole new world; an ability to see opportunity when others are not able to see them. They have ability to see another world and this vision is conveyed to investors, team and customers.


• Perseverance

Starting a business is not less than an ultra marathon and requires lot of patience. It takes years of patience because of the uncertainty associated with the success of the start-up and obstacles in the coming way. Entrepreneurship is dealing with repeated failures and it happens many times and you have to start thing all over again many times. To maintain positive attitude in such breathe taking situations in not an easy task.


• Passion

It is not money that drives an entrepreneur but passion does. Passion for their product or service, opportunity to solve an issue and make others life easier and better drives them. An entrepreneur always comes up with new idea because they want to make a change in the world. Passion to achieve pinnacle of success and make dreams come true.


• Focus

Passion is nothing without focus, after having a vision for your business and passion to take it new level is fuelled by focus. Focus to reach the pinnacle of success and make every possible way to achieve them. Focus take an entrepreneur closer to their goals and this is a skill not easy to master.


• Self-Confidence

To have faith in your product and believe that world needs your product and it has ability to change the world. You should be self-confident to take risk and have faith in your dreams. It takes lot of risk and patience which is not possible without self-belief.


• Invest for Long Term

Overnight success is not possible in any start-up unless any miracle happens. Most entrepreneurs focus on what is coming next not on where company should go and how to plan long term things. Investment need to be done on long term basis and plan things on regular basis.


• Manage People

Any successful start-up is backed by a passionate and focussed team. Entrepreneur needs to master skill of managing people along with managing resources. Your team is behind successful business and a talented team is hard to find and harder to manage.


• Communication

Deprivation of communication is the reason behind many start-up failures. Entrepreneurs failed to communicate with their staff, team and customers. And lack of communication leads to various problems like decrease in productivity including failure of start-up.


• Strategy

It is easy to have a vision but hard to set proper traction for vision. Results are easy to see but in the bigger picture there are challenges, competitions and obstacles coming in your way. There is need of proper plan and strategy to follow. By having detailed strategy it is easier to make things easy.


• Learn

You cannot know everything and world is constantly changing which brings in need of learning continuously. Successful entrepreneurs have realised that they do not know everything and with continuous changing they need to learn new aspects of market. So you should always be ready to learn new things and accept changes.


• Hunger to Achieve

Without hunger to achieve your dreams you cannot push yourself to the extremes. Hunger to achieve your dreams is a fuel that drives you and makes you to push yourself. Hunger to achieve your dreams and hunger to make things right is necessary for driving you towards your goals.


• Functional Competence

Managers are expected to be best at everything; best of the finance guys, marketing people, and strategists. To have functional competence you should be equipped with best of the minds and talents.


• Decision-Maker

Saying the best or the hardest part of being an entrepreneur, you have to take decisions at the end of the day. Risks are there but do not let this fear to overcome you. Entrepreneur should have decision-making capability and courage to trust your guts.

Well less or more these are some traits in your attitude that should be there if you want to see yourself as a successful entrepreneur. So it is not in your DNA but it is your attitude that makes you successful entrepreneur. What do you think is necessary to become an entrepreneur?


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