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Human Resources section covers the wide spectrum of management of workforce, interpersonal relations in the corporate world by having articles on different concepts. Apart from these institutions and systems working for empowerment of the people also falls under this category.

Recent Trends and Future of HR October 29, 2015

People are the important assets of an organisation. In the future years to come the most essential task of recruiters is to unearth the potential candidates from a pool of talent and major decision will be to decide the right fit for the job. The conventional methods of recruitment are fading away and new techniques are emerging, right from face to face interview to the video interviews and video resumes. Gone are those days when people were dependent on advertisements for information regarding the job vacancies and job profiles in newspapers.


Talent Retention Strategies Following M&A October 24, 2015

Recent few years have seen tremendous change in the marketing trends and the way companies comprehend, evaluate and approach these trends. One of these trends has waved its way through and spurred the entire global market. It’s a wave of critical change termed Mergers and Acquisitions. When this kind of transition crawls through the strata of organizations, the changes marked prominent are in terms of patents, contracts and other hard aspects. But a key component that gets sidelined during the process is “talent”.


Nuisance of the Bell Curve in Employee Appraisal System October 17, 2015

Something about that morning was special, aroma of the freshly brewed coffee, the cool breeze from Sahayadri, smell of crisp newspaper in my hand and the bold headline “Major IT Company to get rid of its performance management system”. I read further other companies are following the suit and have realized that the system doesn’t work.


Employee Retention begins long before Hiring October 14, 2015

Retention is most talked and least focused HR practice or I should say a mistimed practice, usually managers will think about it when they will see a 3 months’ notice of separation from an employee lying on their desks. So, ideally when should employee retention begin?

Before recruitment? Certainly

Before training? Yes

Before On boarding? A big Yes


Challenge of Handling Non-Regional Workforce of Migrants October 09, 2015

Handling human capital is always a challenge. With the increasing difficulty in accessing talented manpower for Industries especially MSME’s, handling workforce and retaining them is a significant challenge. This article is about the migrant workforce, the challenges which they face in an unfamiliar environment and the pros and cons of recruiting them. This brief article was purely based on the experiences and interaction with such migrant workforce and their employers/supervisors in the context of Coimbatore based MSMEs.


Moonlighting: A Challenge For HR Manager October 09, 2015

Traditionally the term Moonlighting refers to earn extra money. For example a person who is a teacher of a school during the day but runs a boutique in evening. Although many people moonlight to earn extra money, some do this to enhance their skill in different fields; some adopt it to fight boredom. Moonlighting reasons may very but result is fatigue. In general, moonlighting is having a second job, typically secretly at night in addition to ones regular employment which does not have to relate to main job.


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